Enchanted Tarot/ZernerFarber Dec 6 Three of Swords

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Enchanted Tarot/ZernerFarber Dec 6 Three of Swords

Today I drew the 3 of swords, a card of sorrow. The woman lies wounded, grasping her heart with three large swords, well, enormous swords bearing down ready to pierce her. She is surrounded by ominous looking black shapes that have golden hearts in them. Even in very dark moments, there is always something positive, which these golden hearts promise. The clouds in the center of the image will move on also, allowing the sunshine to return. The 3 of Swords in a drawing always is a reminder to me that sorrow is a part of life, but after feeling it and learning its lesson, life moves on, just like those clouds. . . .Michael
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There's a sense that the heartbreak indicated by this card is impending rather than in the stages of moving on. The figure at the bottom of the picture clutches her heart with head turned aside, eyes closed, almost as if she doesn't want to see what's about to come. The swords haven't yet pierced her heart, but they mean to. It's slightly unnerving to to draw this card and feel as though the bad feelings are yet to come, but haven't already passed.

But, as you mentioned, tarobones, the sky above the woman is a lovely, heartening shade of blue, dotted with white clouds that portend a bright, sun filled day. It takes up half the picture and reminds the reader that once the darkness has passed, bright peacefulness will mark the future.
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