Enchanted Tarot/ZernerFarber Dec 8 Ten of Hearts

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Enchanted Tarot/ZernerFarber Dec 8 Ten of Hearts

The Ten of Hearts (Cups in other decks) is a card of sucess, enduring love and happiness. The image itself shows a group of people, young and old, celebrating under a canopy of blue and gold hearts. What seems to be a happy couple dances in the foreground. Wholesome, lasting, loving relationships bringing happiness and celebration. The image is full of color, bright flowers, a large blue butterfly, and a crowd of people dancing. Joy and light are promised by this card. BB, Michael
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More than any other representation of this card that I have ever seen, the Enchanted's Ten of Hearts is filled with active joy. The key being active. The couple dances, gazing at one another lovingly all the while. The old woman in the foreground might not be as spry as she once was, but she claps happily along with the music, also gazing at the couple. Other figures follow the pair, arms upraised in celebration. Flowers are abundant in this card, indicative of life and spring time. The card speaks of a genuinely happy, intergenerational domestic life.
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Great card to draw today since it is the 25th anniversary of John Lennon's death (I should know it was my sad 22nd birthday). A lot of people gathered all over the world (including N.Y.C.) to REMEMBER and REJOICE over the gift that John gave the world. I love the Zerner-Farber Deck. It is the one I always carry with me. A good draw for a good man.
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