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^ in my opinion, DV's decks are used for beginners and who are being introduced to the spiritual realm.

At one point, I used her decks a lot until they no longer did anything for me.

From time to time, I like to use this deck for affirmations, but that's about it
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They're worth the buy though just for the artwork alone, some lovely pictures

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Originally Posted by SpiritOfTheDogz
...I don't think they have enough in them to give a good reading but I used them in a tarot card reading today, using the tarot for the general reading and these to answer the question at the end and this seemed to work very well.
Paul, have you done this again? Has anyone else used these cards to supplement a Tarot reading? How about using these to supplement Tarot of Mermaids?
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I have this deck and have had it for some time. I agree that they are easy to read, and are quite accurate. The laminating does seem like it won't last...but believe me, mine have had some hammer and they are still like new...

Ang x
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