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Join Date: 06 Nov 2006
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knowledge seeker 

hi everyone,
thank you logiatrix for the advice about adding to existing cards and if starting a new card, starting the thread & pm'ing you will do!
sorry i haven't been here for a few days, been busy in exchanges with any spare time i've had and while i've popped in to check the interest, i haven't had time to start anything.
feel free to start whenever you're ready if i havne't gotten to it yet (probably will in a few days) we can either add to existing threads/cards; or start another. go with whatever you feel most comfortable doing.
i'll probably start off by just pulling a card and writing my thoughts, feelings and anything else, then if it's already here will just add to that, or start a new thread if it's not yet here. (did that make sense, lol)
i'll be back in a few days,
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Did she leave out the crones?

I do a daily one card draw from this deck, asking "Whose energy will be with me today?"

As I pulled my card today, it hit me. I don't see any crone goddesses here. I see several triple goddesses from various cultures, but not in their crone aspect.

Wonder why not?
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knowledge seeker  knowledge seeker is offline
Join Date: 06 Nov 2006
Location: south australia
Posts: 626
knowledge seeker 

yeah, to be truthful, i hadn't even noticed! *blushing*
however i am only recently starting to learn/work more with the goddesses, and i'm not as committed as i'd like to be, honestly.
hmmm....however i wouldn't mind a deck that does incorporate all of the goddesses, off to the decks section!
p.s sorry haven't been posting here, just seems to be one things after another recently!
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Enlightenment1  Enlightenment1 is offline
Join Date: 14 Mar 2007
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I LOVE this deck!!! I only bought it yesterday from Witchfest International, and talk about accurate, the cards I pulled were spot on for this time and the question I asked, and again for my 2nd reading, and then for the 3rd I kept pulling the same two cards - Sekhmet and Isis, they sure had messages for me lol.

It's one of my favourite decks already, along with Doreen's 'Messages from your Angels,' Gillian Kemp's 'Good Witch/Bad Witch' and Brian Froud's 'Faeries Oracle,' I love them all the same but in totally different ways.

I seem to connect with the Oracle far better than the Tarot, though my local psychic told me a few days ago I will become a well known Tarot reader, so who knows


Enlightenment xx
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I had the funniest experience with this deck. Lakshmi, whom I consider to be one of my favorite goddesses, went missing! I couldn't find her for the longest time- and then I went back to using my Froud Faeries, and there she was, cavorting with faeries! Hmmm.
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I got the Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards as a birthday present almost a year ago from a friend who knows nothing about oracle cards. After a quick rifle through the deck and booklet, I decided these cards were 'cheezy fluff,' and tucked them away in a drawer.

Yesterday I was going through my cards to determine which I would be willing to part with, and decided to give this deck an honest try before passing it on to someone else. What a a nice surprise! This deck has real substance if you look beyond the key phrases. I did a reading for myself, and one for a friend, and I was impressed by the accuracy of both readings

I guess it's true that one 'shouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth...' The gift could turn out to be a message from the Universe!
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Aristede, so glad you have come to love this deck, I love it too and often love to just pull a card from it.
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Last Christmas, I've bought this deck for myself. I usualy use it to pick a card for my day whenever I fell like it. When I have questions, I use the Magical Mermaids & Dolphins deck or other cards for that manner.

My most favorite card from the Goddess deck is Sedna, because I feel that I'm connected to it from its water element energy.
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Beautiful Luna 

I love this deck- it's accurate and the images are beautiful. I've done readings for myself and friends and each one has been accurate.
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