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Celestial Tarot Study Group - index thread

Index of threads so far:

Site with legal images of the complete deck

Celestial Tarot Study Group - discussion

The Fool (Uranus)
The Magician (Mercury)
High Priestess (Moon)
Empress (Venus)
Emperor (Aries)
Hierophant (Taurus)
The Lovers (Gemini)
The Chariot (Cancer)
Strength (Leo)
The Hermit (Virgo)
The Wheel of Fortune (Jupiter)
Justice (Libra)
The Hanged Man (Neptune)
Death (Scorpio)
Temperance (Sagittarius)
The Devil (Capricorn)
The Tower (Mars)
The Star (Aquarius)
The Moon (Pisces)
The Sun (Sun)
Judgement (Pluto)
The World (Saturn)

Three of Swords (Corona)
Five of Swords (Pegasus)
Seven of Swords (Lepus)
Eight of Swords (Canis Major)
Ten of Swords (Air)

Ace of Wands (Cassiopeia)
Two of Wands (Cetus)
Three of Wands (Perseus)
Four of Wands (Hydra)
Five of Wands (Crater)
Six of Wands (Corvus)
Seven of Wands (Lyra)
Nine of Wands (Draco)
Ten of Wands (Fire)

Ace of Cups (Ursa Minor)
Two of Cups (Ursa Major)
Three of Cups (Argo)
Five of Cups (Ophiuchus)
Six of Cups (Hercules)
Nine of Cups (Andromeda)

Two of Pentacles (Aquila)
Four of Pentacles (Orion)
Six of Pentacles (Auriga)
Eight of Pentacles (Centaurus)
Princess of Pentacles (Spring)

Spreads designed for this deck
Lunar Cycle Spread

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