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Anyone have this book?

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Anyone have this book?

"Tarot Made Easy" by Nancy Garen? I was so infuriated when I went to a large bookstore yesterday and couldn't find the New Age section. They had tucked it away into a teensy corner of the store and put several rows and aisles of Christian books and Bibles right in front of it. Needless to say, I didn't have a great selection to choose from, but on a whim, I picked this book up, and liked all the different variations it gave for each of the minor cards, especially. I am not a beginner or meditator, and I already have full access to any and all of Janina Renee's books, so I was looking for something a little, this book was more in my price range for now. Any opinions?

Thanks in advance...blessings, M.
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Mondk -

I have it - and like it. Of course, I am a book collector I found that it helps, especially in cooperation with the Mary Greer tarot workbook.

I had heard mixed reviews about it, but when I found it at my local Borders and flipped through it, I liked what I saw.

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I picked up a copy of Tarot Made Easy last fall at Half Price Books for $7. I have not regretted it. It has a unique and organized way of presenting possible meanings for each card. I find this helpful...and at times extremely helpful when I feel totally stumped.

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I find the book a bit I currently have mine up for trade..there were just to many subjects for me and felt like ihad to stick with the one I was asking about...I know I didn't but I found it hard to read with..
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I was just now reading over my thread and I sound like I'm really trying to convince myself that it was a good buy, eh?? LOL. I think the title is a little off-setting, especially to someone who has read the tarot for awhile. Actually though, the book has already cleared up or clarified stuff I've pulled up in past readings. I think I can make good use of it...although I wished I would have bought it from amazon; they had it used for about $5 (I paid around $15).

Thanks all!!! Blessings, M.
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