What drew you to runes?

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I don't really know how I got interested in Runes...accident...cosmic fate?

One of my clearest memories from 2nd grade was going into the 'big kid' section of the library and opening a book of Norse Mythology. There was a picture of a man with his eye out on the table. I believe it was Odin. I could be wrong. Didn't he gladly give up his eye so he could look into the future?

A very strong image for a little kid. Years later I found the same book and read more into it. The story of Ragnarok kindof scared me, but was quite fascinating. Unfortunately, my education went no further in school, they concentrated primarily on the Greek Myths.

The only thing close to runes was that movie 'Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves' when the old hag threw what looked like tiles into a bowl and broke an egg which was full of blood over them.

Last year, however, I was looking through the inserts that come along in my book club pamphlets and I saw a set of Runes and knew I had to have them. I don't know why...
It was 'The Book of Runes' by Ralph H. Blum and I was thrilled when I got them. Here was something simple, yet profound-- I was immediately hooked. I still carry them around with me and draw one almost daily and have done numerous readings [my fav. is the Runic Cross]

Maybe my life's course was set that day, long ago when I wandered into that library...?

Perhaps, the Divine wanted me to find the book and when the time was right, make my move.
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