Is There a Domino Oracle Group?

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Question Is There a Domino Oracle Group?

I had ordered the Yoruba Domino Oracle book almost a year ago. I haven't found any study group on it.
Is there anyone who works with the domino oracle who you can refer me to?

Thanks buntches!
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I haven't heard of this oracle, but if you do a search of the forum you might find something.
Also search in Oracle decks.

If it was ever discussed at all it probably would be there.
Or go talk it up over there and get folks interested in it and then you can start a study group up!

good luck!
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I have the book

I'd be interested in discussing it. I got the book awhile back during the course of working on my own domino oracle (to make sure I wasn't reinventing the wheel). I found it somewhat disappointing, but perhaps haven't given it a fair shake, and I'd be willing to take another look.
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