Angeles Arrien's The Tarot Handbook

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Angeles Arrien's The Tarot Handbook

Since I'm returning to Tarot via the Crowley deck, I pulled this book off my dusty old shelves. I've been reading a little each day (studying a card a day, up to Empress) as part of broader work. I don't know what to think, yet. She states that she loves the Thoth deck, but disagrees with much of Crowley's work and personal interpretations. I can't decide if I like or agree with what she has to say, or if it comes across as too "New Agey" for lack of a better term at this point. I've owned the book for a long time, don't remember if I've ever read it before. I don't think so.

What do other people think about this book? Should I stick with it for now? There's certainly some insightful things, but the noise-signal ratio is coming across as high.

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working through it...


i've just began this book a couple of days ago. i started with section VII, as per the author's suggestion, and scribed out my tarot profile. i'm going over it a bit at a time, but i'm also working the text starting with the majors. so far,i've only read through the fool.

i'll get back to you when i have a better feel for the book.

back to the scrolls
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I bought when I had a Thoth deck. Traded the deck. The book is gathering dust.
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Here's a review I wrote a while ago.

-- Lee
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Thanks everyone. Lee- that review was exceptionally helpful, nailed on the head some of the things I was feeling iffy about and didn't realize it- like the writing itself.

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I have been preparing (for eons it seems) to really get serious and sink my teeth into the Thoth deck so to speak. I had heard many many good things about Arrien's book and got it and a large Thoth deck for Yule. After reading Lee's review I know that is exactly where I plan to start. Now if I can only make the time to get started on this!
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hi, i got this one on my wishlist but it is currently unavailable from my book-dealer.
i think i might go ahead and order it from amazon later this year though. i just started with the Thoth deck about two months ago and read the book of Thoth and the Keywords book by Banzhaf parallell and this one would make a nice third voice.
i especially like the fact that she writes more in dept on the minors!
so thanks Lee for the review!
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