I saw a large feather today!!

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Originally Posted by gorgeousbutterfly
I was walking my dog, lucky in the evening and i walked by and saw a large feather, a grey one. it was so pretty it looked like the ones you see in movies. i know i read somewhere that if you see this its extremely good luck and a good omen. but what does it mean excatly? it looked like it was a sign for me. it was sitting on the floor next to a doorway maybe that means something too?
Well a lot of books I have been reading about angels say that the angels often leave us feathers as a sign that they are there beside us, and helping us at thsi time.

I saw one a few weeks ago in the elevator or our apartment building, which is rather an unusual place to see one. Then a few days later I started to have experiences that taught me to believe in angels. I know they were with me at that time, even before I was ready to acknowledge them.

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I see feathers a lot, but today i felt my heart come out of my chest this morning as I prayed very hard for a sign about a situation, i huffed and puffed and said "I need a sign or else i'm giving up on this, i dont care anymore!" I took out my merdais oracle and asked the angels and guides what to do about the situation and got "Accept Heavens Help" to which i answered "ok but how??" I pulled the next card "Pay Attention" so i said ok fine Ill pay attention. On my wat to work the bus stopped and as i looked up i saw a word. i said ah a sign! i wonder what it means and as I got off the bus i wonderred and right there in front of me layed a small perfectly clean white feather. i said ahh you sent me that sign and are confirming it was you. of course i still am not 100% sure what the sign is supposed to mean but i think they are confirming to stick with it because they are helping.

just thought I'd revive this thread and share!!
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I found a beautiful little orange and black feather yesterday. It was laying underneath a big hammock I hung at my new temporary studio site. I'm preparing to set it up, but had a big argument with my friend/landlord. So now I'm a little uncertain how to proceed. But sitting in that hammock, far away from his house, I feel at peace. I took the feather and gave thanks for it. Whether it meant anything is irrelevant in a way, because it means something to me anyway.
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sorry to bump an old thread, but i was driving on a highway today with the windows down and something flew into my window... scared me at first because i instantly thought it was some big fly, only to find out it was a feather: [img]http://i52.*******.com/2wbzxu8.jpg[/img]

strange how it just lands in my car while im driving!
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Oooh, is that a Turkey feather?
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truthfully i have absolutely no idea lol i was thinking it could be an owls? but im not sure
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Very timely post...I too was in want of a feather for my altar and asked my angel guides if they could send me one...an hour later...while walking the dogs...sure enough...a grey & white feather...
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I always enjoy 'bumps' of threads I've never caught B4.

Fair enough I live in a semi-rural area outside of Sydney (downunder OZ land) and I am blessed to enjoy the flocks of parrots that fly over the yard.

But I too find the beautiful white feathers that are left. I changed the thoughts from 'oh just a dropped fheather'. Now I say OK thanks for the Angel message.

Sure sometimes the message is still a'coming. But it's good to have the hope
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The feather in post #13 looks a bit grouse-like.
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It is so awesome that this post came back up today of all days! Yesterday I said a little prayer concerning helping a friend, and when I walked into my bathroom there was a large, beautiful white feather! I have thought over and over to myself about where it could have come from, trying to convince myself it might mean nothing, but of course it does, it did- and to me this thread coming back up, that I wrote in years ago, sure tells me that its a message from the universe and that I should trust it with all my heart. WOW- life is soooooooo awesome.
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