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Cool Rune Study Group: Dagaz

“dthay-Gawz ( Day or dawn.) Looks like an hourglass turned on its side.

Although this means ‘day’, once again we must examine this concept from the viewpoint of a nomadic group as opposed to modern interpretation of ‘a period of light’.
A (modern) day consists of 24 hours, punctuated by day and night. The Teutonic-Norse concept contained therein was two ‘days’. One period occurring between sunup until sundown, and a second day occurring from sundown until sunup.
Day is literally the transition period between the two. The moment of power in the sunrise and sunset.

It is about triumph and new beginnings. Letting go of the past.

Dagaz is the completion of the process of Gebo and Elhaz. It is the moment in which the working becomes real (completed). It is the moment of orgasm.

It is the transformation of consciousness on all levels.

Bi-Polar creativity; opposites are brought together and understood. Awareness for those who seek it; True vision to be gained.

That which was hidden shall be revealed.

As a merkstave, it indicates blindness, or hopelessness.

As a person, they would be a true seeker
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Just a thought... I drew Dagaz today (a nice change from Perthro, although I'm not complaining!) and also got the 3 of Pentacles for my daily card.

I think these 2 compliment each other very well. The master work and completion. Perhaps also a new undertaking that I will master? Hmmmmmm......

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Dagaz and the 3 of Pntcls on the same day?

What a wonderful day to have?

Just enjoy it...
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Barbaras Ahajusts 

As a person would this be a "peace maker" A mediator bringing opposite minded people together? (With a high success rate?)
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