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Gosh, look what happens when you aren't hanging out for a while at ATs.... a new deck in the making and a marriage. Eloping ! ... haven't done that yet ... hmmmm! you have given me ideas (not ). Congratulations to you and Jasper. And as for family ... it is YOUR marriage, not theirs.

I remember buying the Golden at the Tarot Conference in Melbourne ... it took over an hour to get it out of my parents hands so that I could actually have a looksee. They are in their '80's and loved it. Me too! Tarot Cielo looks like it is going to be equally beautiful. Patient mythos here is happy to wait for the twist-secret-surprise

Missed the added 'Fork-You' workshop ... drats! Mind you, my cutlery bends just by breathing on it. This is related to its incredible cheapness rather than my learned skills.

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Belated congratulations to you and Jasper on your wedding, Kat!

You've got me curious about the Tarot Cielo as well.. I'm looking forward to seeing more cards and finding out this mysterious secret, too.

~ Solandia
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Don't be tempted to spill the beans, Kat - let us all wait and guess
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((((((Kat & Jasper)))))) So sorry to have missed this thread's developments, & so happy for y'all--albeit much belated

'Twas a distinct pleasure & thrill to meet in Melbourne last year, & the memories linger.


Golden has a museum quality unique to few decks, so very curious & eager to see the child of Golden.
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My Guess

Ok, just had to make my guess. Kat says that there's something different about the new Cielo deck, and that US Games is not the best place to present a deck such as this.......

Well, I was looking at US Games guidelines on submitting tarot decks to them for consideration. They are very specific about wanting "all 56 minor cards..... and all 22 majors...." presented in specific ways....

So my completely uneducated guess (for the sheer fun of it!) is that Kat may be debuting a "majors only" deck.........or a deck of unusual number in some way. But basically not following the traditional tarot layout.......

But whatever the surprise, I absolutely LOVE the deep colors and the single figures so far. I would be thrilled with a majors only deck.....as long as they look like this!!

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Manxom Vroom 

The new deck looks gorgeous, retrokat! Your comment on my blog prompted me to register here, where I had previously only lurked from time to time.
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Welcome to Aeclectic, Manxom - a place full of lovely, stimulating people as you can see

I'm loving the ideas you're all coming up with about my mystery... I'll keep it secret a bit longer, since the puzzle seems to be stimulating a lot of great ideas, even if they end up having nothing to do with Cielo!
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I got it!

Originally Posted by magpiejst
oh I certainly expect to have something to hold, to use, to have the sensual, tangible pleasure of...just suspect an expanded, other aspect...
Each Tarot Cielo box includes an original, authentic piece of the sky!
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Ahahahaha! Voron, you win.

These samples are really breathtaking, retrokat -- I have and love the Golden and am eagerly awaiting the Tarot Cielo. I also like the idea of using the former face of the Queen of Wands on the High Priestess.

Happy creating!
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The Golden Tarot is the one that works best for me - and I can't wait until this new "Cielo" gets published so I can order one !
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