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Originally Posted by catz
The Golden Tarot is the one that works best for me - and I can't wait until this new "Cielo" gets published so I can order one !
I second that one! I absolutely LOVE the Golden Tarot, and am anxious for the new "Cielo" also!
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waiting patiently for the Tarot Cielo.. The Golden has to be one of my most loved deck!
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Queen of Pentacle 

I am also waiting...
But hopefully Kat will post some new cards soon, to tease us, won't you?

I am so excited whit this project!
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Just ran across this thread! ....HOW EXCITED I AM....!!!!!!!!!!
BTW,....CONGRATS, Kat, to you & Jasper!
I absolutely LOVE the Cielo, and am drooling with anticipation to add this one beside my beloved Golden!
More pics Kat, P-L-E-A-S-E!!!
(pant, pant, LOL!!!)
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Queen of Pentacle 

This is one of the most excitng tread, I do agree... But it seem that eveyone have forget abouti it.
My impatience is growing, my eyes want to see more... And I am desperate to get one.
Sure with just 7 cards done, I'm better waiting, but ...

I wish it was a webcam in Kat Black's drawing studio...
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The problem is, I don't have a deal so I can't justify putting the time needed into doing the rest of the deck until I do... *sigh*

I gave up teaching last year to tour as a VJ/video artist http://VJzoo.com and am putting most of my time into that - trying to develop a new Industry there, as well as establishing ourselves internationally in the field. I'm also working on a practical VJ book, to help people to learn VJ skills as there's nothing available in the market to do that.

Perhaps if for a couple of days a month I worked on TC it might get done, even if I don't have a commerical deal for it...

It's a struggle trying to make a living as an artist, as I'm sure you all know. Perhaps if I went back to having a day-job and just looked at TC as a hobby, I'd be more likely to get it done, although Jasper and I love what we're doing together as VJs so much, that we're determined to make that work.

In fact, this week, Jasper took two days off his day-job and we're working on our new showreel, which for the first time we're going to make available for sale (we gave away hundreds of copies of our last one, which we just can't afford to do any more) - so hopefully we're making some progress by doing that. We have no trouble getting gigs, we recently did our 100th performance, but it's still really hard to convince people to pay us. So it's a lot like making a tarot deck really

Enough of my whinging. I promise I'll make a couple more cards as soon as our new VJ showreel is finished
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Queen of Pentacle 
Oh Kat!

Please Kat,
Carry on enjoying your life and new love. At the end, it will give you more inspiration for this so gorgeous coming tarot.
But your Golden was so grand that you'll have to understand that all of us are desperate to see and get this tarot Cielo.

It's quite sad that somone of your caliber is not able to found a good publisher, especially after having done the so famous Golden tarot. I understand what it is, having myself a pending book (after many publied) because of a change in the edition house I was working with... I leaved the things go. For a book it is easier, for a deck as your's, more difficult it must be...

So take your time, but please, carry on.
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It's a pity Kat, but I know exactly how it is. A good deck takes so long and sometimes it's impossible to do it without knowing that some money will come in at the end.

All the best with the video work, which sounds exciting and wonderful. I hope you'll be back doing the tarot before too long.
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Little Baron 

You gotta do what you gotta do Kat.

And you are lucky to have such diverse interests and talents.

If it aint meant to happen at the moment, it aint meant to happen.

Put it on the backburner for a while and enjoy what is working.

Better to do one thing well than loads of stuff not so well.

I am sure, taking time away will refresh your interest and give you more to add to that deck, eventually.

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