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How exciting! Another amazing deck to follow. Kat, I love what I see so far. Thanks for sharing!
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How exciting! Lovely images. I like the simplicity and openness of them.

I haven't got the Golden tarot yet... I'm curious, there's a painting I love - well a pair actually - I think it might be one of the Medicis - a profile of a man with a badly cut nose, and his wife (Battista Sforza?) - have you used them in any of your images?

Of course we need more decks. Don't be silly!
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Lovely images so far!

I'm all excitement about this secret of yours, but I'm happy waiting until you're ready to reveal it.

Yay! Another lovely deck!
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Maybe we don't "need" another Tarot deck, but I'll be waiting for yours. The Golden Tarot is my "go-to" deck - it's the one that knows me the best, and I do have a decent collection, but the GT is the one that goes to the heart of the matter. The card stock, the sturdy box, the care you took with the booklet, the art and presentation of the symbols make the GT a great deck. There's just an "air" about it. Those of you who don't have one yet are depriving yourself of a very useful and beautiful package.

It's impossible to tell from just two cards of course, but it looks like you're using facial expressions and personalities more than I've seen anywhere else.
I'm sure you'll let us know when it's out there for us.

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Originally Posted by similia
Will it be read by Christmas, I'd like to give a copy to someone... oh, wait... she's Jewish. Scratch the Christmas idea, take your time
I am Jewish, and I would take it for Christmas any time. Want to give it to me instead?
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Oh, wow! The images are lovely and intriguing! This looks quite promising! I'll just make a space next to my Golden Tarot... You certainly know how to whet ones appetite!
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Beautiful! Can't wait to see more! And I'm curious too ...
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Originally Posted by brenmck
it looks like your using facial expressions and personalities more than I've seen anywhere else.
I can't keep ANYTHING from you guys! You're going to guess the secret within the hour at this rate...

Yep, it's a lot simpler in design than Golden and I'm having to rely on things like colour and facial expressions a lot more.

Funny you should specifically mention that as I'd been hunting for 2 days to find the right face for my QofW and then kind of gave up and used a pretty one. It was actually from a painting of Salome but like most paintings of the era, she was looking away demurely and looked a bit too virgin-like. Not what I really want for my passionate QofW. Then just now, I found it. A woman looking directly at the viewer, who resonated much more for me as my Significator.

So....I know probably most people will prefer the original as she was so beautiful, but here's my NEW QofW. As far as facial expressions go - I reckon that look says a lot more than the clutter of symbols that I'd have squeezed into Golden

The test - new hubby Jasper took one look and said "she's a lot more shaggable"
Attached Images
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Neat! Your first Queen looked like something out of the Golden-lovely and serene, a sense of calm knowledge. The second one definitely looks a bit secretive, like she knows something we don't know, or she can read right into our soul and we can't keep secrets from her! (Am I detecting future cards of the Mona Lisa and the Girl with the Pearl Earring??) This is exciting!
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The only thing I can say is: wow this promises again to be a wonderful deck and a must have for those who love theGolden! (so yes once again a new addition to my wishlist )

I do not know if the new one is more “shaggable” (not really my area of expertise ) but her expression does say a lot about her in her role as Queen of wands!
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