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Originally Posted by Moonboy
just one question, Kat...

why are you not going with US games this time?
lol.. I avoided that question the first time, didn't I...

For one thing, someone mentioned on Aeclectic that USGS currently have a 5 or 6 year backlog of products to be released, so I don't really like my chances even if it WAS something I thought they might be interested in.

Also, without giving the secret away too much, they're not the type of company to release a product like this. Hmmmm, mysterious eh? Funny that, it doesn't LOOK too different from Golden when I post these images.... but when you know the secret... heh heh heh
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Hmmmm RetroKat, you have piqued my curiosity! Nice to know the rough and tumble of the material world has not dampened your creative spirit.
What type of product would not appeal to US Games? A political commentary? Each card has a back of a modern Villain or Villainess? Tarrochi?
Plastic 3D Postcards?- hence their eyes will move? Interactive cd? X-Box? Playstation 3? The thoughts are endless- but your packaging is the best out there- so whatever your secret, I am sure it will be great. Congratulations and Salutations on your marriage! ~Rosanne
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Hmmm.. getting warmer!

Actually I can take no credit for the beautiful packaging on Golden, apart from my suggesting dark blue for the box instead of brick-red, and the QofW instead of AceofS on the front. It was USGS own designers who did all the packaging - box, book, gilt edges etc.
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Is the secret.....


Well, as a secret...what could it be? The usual are sex, politics, or a move to the dark side. I vote for sex as the secret of the new deck.
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Ohhh how lovely!!!!! I just found this thread!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don't suppose I was some kind of inspiration then?!?!

Nice name!!!!!

From what I've seen so far, this deck is going to be absolutely gorgeous!!! Woohoo!!!!

And for Similia's information,- we may not celebrate Christmas but how convenient that Chanukah falls on exactly that same time....mwhaha....

Best of luck with the deck!!!!!
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I have just ordered Golden tarot and I looks like I have just found THE DECK.. The i find out you have another one one the way.. Can't wait for it to be finished!!
For your next clue, do you think you could give us a sneak at a number card?
Good luck with your next masterpiece
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This thread just made me check out the Golden again and order it too.
Now this is another deck getting on my wishlist once it's done.
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Hmmm...as for the secret. I am intrigued, as well. Could they be a very large sized deck?
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I am very glad you aren't going with Usgames again.

The golden is my default deck and I hate to see such wonderful, artistic, careful work with the word "USGaMes" in EVERY CARD!!!!

As I said a long time ago, to me that shows no respect for the artists work.

So, are you going with Baba this time?
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Does Baba publish other artists' work?
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