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a magical course in tarot

I have just read this great book and i was wondering what others think of it!
It really gives a new and fresh way to look at the tarot and it even promotes having multable decks Written by a real tarotholic i think!!

Love and light
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I received this book as a bonus when I won a Mythic Tarot on EBay. What a great little extra! I really like this book a lot. She has a wonderfully readable writing style, very conversational. Also, I like that she is emphasizing intuition while still giving really basic (not deck specific) card meanings. It's a great book that I think might unfortunately get overlooked. So spread the word! And I agree that she encourages tarotholism - one more reason to like this book. Although I don't think I could ever read exactly in her style (cards strewn all over), it's great to get that viewpoint and incorporate parts of it into my own readings.

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ahm ... how about ...

sharing the author's name, so we can all take a look at it ?
Just a passing idea, mind you - no sarcasm whatsoever intended.
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But of course you're right Sullanciri.

The author's name is Michelle Morgan. The book just came out in paperback so I believe you can get 30% off the price (same goes for all new releases) at Barnes and Noble online. Also, you get free shipping with 2 or more items. No pressure here.

I highly recommend it.


PS - Sorry to those not in the US. I don't know B&Ns policies for overseas shipping/sales.
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The author is Michele Morgan.

I really like this book!

I've set my stopwatch: Lee should be on this thread within seconds raving about this book.

-- Kyrielle
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Nope, I don't have to... you all are doing it for me!

-- Lee
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Arrggghhh! A double weakness - Tarot AND books! Now, I must hunt this book down.

Maan and Kes, you Tarot Sirens are supposed to be tempting OTHER tarotholics, not me!

And if Lee gives it the stamp of approval....

(sighing and looking at her checkbook....)

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i just processed this book at the library -- literally minutes ago. it didn't really grab me. it's buried in a box, now, so i can't look at it again tonight. shucks! guess i'll just have to put a hold on it for later...
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Okay, so now I'm curious. What exactly is the book about? Does it use tarot in magik? or is it just a really special course? Very interested to know.
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