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Hi LB and Lyric,

Up till last night I knew knothing about Voodoo or Santeria. Its something that I've always stayed away from but I'm finding these threads fascinating. Thanks for posting the links.

I haven't actually got the deck yet but I'm getting closer to ordering it.
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I recommend the deck. I really do. The scariness of it is really because of bad movies, I think. Plus, people fear the unknown. The deck isn't possessed and it's not going to bring bad spirits with it if you buy it. That's superstition. I respect people's right to superstition if they choose to believe in it, but I'm glad I've gone past my superstitious fear and allowed myself to learn something new.

I wouldn't recommend conjuring the spirits depicted in the deck or anything like that, but learning about it and using the deck for divination is perfectly safe, in my opinion.
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Little Baron 

I got some books out of the library today. So I will be looking through them.

But, Emily, I would love to know what you think of the deck! And I would love for it to be more popular. I really would like to break this one, more than many others. I think that having more people to discuss it with would defintely be good. When I was studying alone it was a little overwhelming.

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Hi LB and Lyric,

I'm having free readings with the NOVT on a site I found - I usually get really bad results from these computer generated reading sites but I'm finding these readings are really hitting the nail on the head - the site is called 'The Voodoo Queen'

I've also seen all the deck too - it looks like a deck that you could use for ages and never really know all its layers.

I'm going to try and last until Christmas then have it as a pressie.
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A woman stands on a block. She’s balanced mostly on her right leg. Her mouth seems sewn shut as she looks up at the ti bon agne that hovers right above her head and near her outstretched hands. A greenish snake twines around he rwaist. The background is a dirty beige/dirty pale yellow with a black floor. The woman is wearing white blouse and skirt that is tinged with blue  calm in the face of the unknown?

The block is similar to that used during slave auctions; indicative of “soul” for sale? The ti bon ange is within reach; the woman just has to grab it.

The zombie state is chemically induced to mimic death  greenish snake (Simbi, lwa of trickery and illusion)  not really stuck? The balanced leg indicates less reliance on logic and logistics of being a zombie then actually feel how not to be a zombie (dead inside).

The muted tones of the card indicate a listlessness  lack of hope? Yet there is a bit of yellow in there…some hope? This yellow is darker near the top of the card (where the ti bon ange is) and on the left side of the card (intuitive side).
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