try this on your t.v. and see if it works...

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try this on your t.v. and see if it works...

Instead of using tarot,try the handy remote control to your t.v. I wrote down a question that I wanted to be answered,and "felt" it was time to start"channel surfing".Pick any t.v. channel you want in order to start.(Hopefully you have good cable )Now,just sit back and watch the numbers that come up. I was watching a sports channel,and the player had on a red jersey.#24. I then changed the channel to 24. Pay close attention to any raises in pitches of voices,almost inaudible words,(that you thought sounded like something else)and slowly you will see a pattern to the numbers. You will instinctively learn when to change channels,and it took me 5 minutes,to do a reading for a friend of mine. It works for me. Anagram names,watch the numbers,and you will see the pattern...pretty trippy!!!!"I have too much time on my hands" 10...gotta go....LOL
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Jakyle, baby, I've missed you!

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Interesting. I'll try this. Thanks, Jakyle.
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You can use anything for divination.
Allow me to try with your numbers (24,5,10)

Wedding is coming! Maybe you or someone close to you.
You are surrounded by good things!
A promotion?
You will have someting to celebrate soon!

Just my idea, let me know
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Jakyle's back! Missed you, you know!

This seems trippy indeed... I think I shall use this as an excuse next time my room mates complain about me channel surfing!
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Yogi Cat 
try this on your t.v. and see if it works...

Well Jakyle I'll try this - not sure what I'll get out of it yet.
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Thumbs up amazing!!!

i can hardly believe it. a possible positive excuse for so many channels (channels???)

laughing into his wing
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Re: amazing!!!

Originally posted by Ravenswing
i can hardly believe it. a possible positive excuse for so many channels (channels???)

laughing into his wing

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Hmmm. . . may have to try this one. lol
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sounds cools...ill try it as well, thx Jakyle
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