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There are actually books specially made for this!! You think of a question, and open to a random page, and thee is a quote on that page!
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Where are those books? That might be kinda cool to look at. Not that it would help me, but it would be neat to read the quotes.
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Another way to 'read' a book

The Prophet is a good book for this - another is Where There is Light by Paramahansa Yogananda.

I have also tried this on other books and have often found a message that was right for that time.
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Originally posted by Violet Gargoyle
Where are those books? That might be kinda cool to look at.
Here are two, done by Carol Bolt:

The Book of Answers ISBN#0786865660
The Literary Book of Answers ISBN#07686866993

They are really fun. There are a couple of others, I even have one, but I just put a load of books in storage & I can't get at them. I worked at two bookstores, so I "suffer" (if you can call it that) from too-many-books-itis.
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