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Golden Tarot

I noticed Kat Black posting in the thread on the Victoria Regina about her Golden Tarot. I was very excited to hear earlier this year that it would be published for real next year and it is one of two decks to be published that I am eagerly waiting for. The other is Lorena Moore's Ironwing Tarot.

Kat, if you see this, I love the work and the artists you chose to use in your collaged deck. I'm sure it will be quite spectacular when published and I promised a friend of mine in England that I was going to buy one for him as well, it's so lovely.

Thanks for persevering and getting it published. My only surprise is that it took a publisher so long to contact you. I wish I didn't have to wait another year, but at least we know it's coming.


(Need it now? Buy the Golden Tarot on
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Yes..great deck!!
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There was an illegal copy of the Golden Tarot Majors distributed this year together with a German tarot calender but this copy does not do justice to the original one.

I have placed this deck also on my ever growing wish list.
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You've made me blush!

Thanks for the kind words, guys!

Yes, the deck was pirated earlier this year, but as it was stolen off my site at screen resolution it looked terrible. People tell me the pirated decks are selling on eBay as "pirated Golden Tarot" for up to $100, which I guess is kinda flattering. I suggest people wait and pay a lot less for the real thing

If not for the pirating, I doubt I would have had the confidence to do what readers have been nagging me to do for about a year now - ie, rebuild at print resolution and try to get it published "for real".

A wonderful fan from NY started a campaign to get me to publish about a year ago, which resulted in Stuart Kaplan himself ringing me to offer me a contract. I was a bit groggy at the time, since it was the middle of the night in Australia, but that still has to be one of the most exciting moments of my life!

I built the original of Golden Tarot for myself, so it's a totally unexpected bonus that anyone else likes it. I just hope that it turns out to be good for people to read with, rather than just a pretty collector deck.

If you want to know more about the pics, buy the deck/book set when it comes out, as the source artwork of every single element of every collage will be listed (that's over a thousand items, I think). I don't think those details will be included if you just buy the deck, as it wouldn't fit in the tiny booklet. The main artists: Simone Martini, Benozzo Gozzoli, Giotto di Bondone; Dieric Bouts Younger & Elder; Hans Memling.. and about a hundred more!

Thanks ever so much for your support. If it had been up to me, it never would have made it to print. The emailing from fans finally convinced me and US Games
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oh, the Golden tarot is definatly at the TOP of my wishlist. i love the scans so far of the new version. it looks like it will be such a treat. and i am glad it was the US games that got the rights to it since then i know i will be able to get it here in sweden too.
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I'm really excited now, where can we see scans of the cards?

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Golden Tarot url

Apologies for the small size of the pictures, but I'm sure you understand why considering the piracy of the early version.

If anyone needs to see larger versions (say for reviews) let me know and I can email you a few of your favourites.

kind regards,
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It`s gorgeous, another one for the wishlist (sigh..........)

Crystalmynx xx
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Hi Kat,

I can't wait to see this deck in print and I really hope that it will be also accessible for Germans like me.

After I had learned the story from the piratery from Susanne (she had an information about the whole thing on her site), I felt pretty guilty of owning such a pirated deck (I really do not want to know how much money this publisher made with it). I hope you could sue them successfully.
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Pirate decks

Dear Catlin,

(and anyone else who owns the pirate deck and feels guilty about it).

PLEASE don't feel bad about it! Only the company who stole it off my site & have since refused to pay me royalties should feel guilty. To anyone else, I don't have any hard feelings.

I like to look at the bright side, and I figure since the pirate version is such poor quality, people who own it will probably want to buy the real thing because it will be so much better.

The published version should be released in Germany, since US Games distribute worldwide. I encourage people to buy it through the links from Aeclectic - eg, through Amazon or Tarot Garden.

Tarot Garden are especially recommended, as they emailed me about the piracy and even asked me what I preferred them to do with the decks they had already bought before finding out they were pirated. A seller with such high integrity and good manners deserves supporting!
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