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I'm considering buying this deck. As anyone used it?
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Since it has not been released yet, it seems highly unlikely...

(except for the author and anyone she might have shared her preview's with of course)


edited to add: I was refering to the actual deck, as Kat points out the is an online version...
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Hey, you've all be using the online version for about two years now! *grin*

Actually, the online reader at would be a pretty good way to try-before-you-buy the deck.

....twiddles fingers... And no, I still haven't seen a copy myself. But then I live all the way over here in Australia, so I s'pose it's inevitable that thousands of retailers at a trade fair see it before me... mumble, mumble...

Kris Waldherr told me it looks lovely. She's soon to release a new Renaissance-style deck herself called The Lovers Path & actually got to spend time in Venice working on it, I'm so jealous! Will try to aim to do that myself when I wok on my next deck, if Golden isn't a complete flop.

Kris's website's pretty amazing for those of you who haven't seen it: - full preview of the whole Lovers Path deck is up now. I guess that's probably being discussed on another thread? I never get time to scan the boards! Anyways, I think I managed a pretty good segway to fit it on my thread - after all, it's Renaissance...
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Oh poop, Kat ... another *must have* deck!!!


Thanks for that link, LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE it!

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does anyone know if the chariot picture at tarotgarden or the one at the golden tarot site is the "version 2"?
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Oops, looks like TarotGarden have all Version 1 images (from long, long ago, pre-publication). I'll message Jeanette and let her know.

The ones on my site aren't final, but the adjustments made by USGS are very minor - so, they're the closest I think you'll manage to see anywhere until the deck actually lands.

Latest I've been told by the Publishers is that it's due in US in the next week or so, but has to go through customs which can take up to a couple of weeks I think? Hopefully then will get shipped straight away.

I'm sooo sorry to all of you who paid for it ages ago. At least you probably got it a bit cheaper, as it seems the RRP is now $25 (still pretty good value considering the book & box, I reckon).
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i read this thread about three times trying to figure out about the different versions and my eyes are crossed. i'm with kissa, while many of the version 2 cards i like better, such as the high priestess, i grew attached to the chariot and hermit depicted at tarotgarden. is it possible that version 1 (retro golden) will ever be published? i'm looking forward to seeing this deck as i know many other are, thanks retrokat for helping me figure out which was the newer version.
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Latest Update from USG

I just received word from our contacts at USG that the release of the Golden Tarot has been pushed back again. The current target release timeframe is now "early February." However, speaking for myself, I simply view this as further proof of the adage that "(amazingly) good things come to those who wait..." (and wait and wait and wait...)

-- Jeannette
Tarot Garden
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I've been waiting so eagerly myself for the Golden Tarot to be published!!! Ever since I first stumbled on these pages a few weeks ago and saw the deck, I've been certain that it would be the deck for me!

So, hopefully it will come out soon and hopefully it will be shipped here too...
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Mystic Zyl 

I was wondering, if it would be possible to purchase Golden Tarot from you? As I would like the top of the box signed by you.
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