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I'm not sure how to reply to someone specific...

Thank you Lark (and everyone else) for the input.

I did re-order. When I got the cancellation and then saw a few days later that is was being shipped to retailers I was concerned about my place in the queue and if there would be enough of the first run to cover all the preorders, especially if I'm now at the end of the line.

I really don't know how all of that works. I AM really excited that it's finally available.
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Cong-a-rats! Finally! <and the rats dance on>


You do realise that when the W.A. orders come through that CALM will start a burn off, which will turn into a bushfire, that will trap the 'deck' truck, that will.............

<dull *THWACK* sound>


When you sign the decks from Tarot Garden will you be signing the whole deck (front or back of card?), book, box? Big loopy signature, small inna corner? etc

I am going to order a deck through Tarot Garden and would like it signed (book, box and maybe the deck's 'title' card?), but since I'm in Canberra now (got a job! yesssssssss!), you posting it back to J&L in the USA seems a bit redundant. Could you post it directly to Canberra? Or would it be easier for me to order it and send it on to you, if, of course, that is possible? Pretty please?
I'll email Tarot Garden and ask them too.

Cheers and Happiness,

Heidi Aussie
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Hi Heidi,

There will be distributors here in Australia (eventually) and I might sell some copies myself locally, depending on how much of a hassle it is getting them through Customs etc. Australia's such a small market in comparison that maybe if I can buy a box of them off US Games that might be enough for the local market.

I'm not signing whole decks! I have RSI and can't write much (true, although luckily I'm fine with computers) so I'll be keeping the personal signings to a token scrawl! I think people have asked Jeannete for particular things to be signed, in this first batch, but generally I think I'll be signing the back of the "Author" and/or "Title" cards - not needed for a functioning deck, and a lot cheaper to post around the world than the box. They're the extra 2 cards you get in a deck (since a print sheet fits 80 cards and there are 78 in the standard tarot).

I will also be selling stuff on eBay - the bags I've made, and I might break up one of the first decks and sign and sell individual cards. This way people could bid on their favourite card. Would be handy for people who, say, bought through Amazon and then decided they'd like a "signed" deck. Postage on a single card would be very cheap.
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I was able to find Golden Tarot listed in amazon.co.uk but amazon.com couldn't find it when I used the ISBN number in a search. When I tried to look it up with the name, they listed several decks, but started numbering the results from 2 and didn't display number 1 at all!!!

Weird... I wonder what is happening... Bookplus still claims it hasn't been released yet...
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I guess it's all still in transit through the primary distributors (online distributors are mostly secondary - they don't get it directly from publishers).

I had an email from a fan today:

"My cousin and I got it! US Games sent it direct and IS IT BEAUTIFUL! You should have seen us jumping up and down and squealing - hey, it looked like Christmas morning! Congratulations Kat, they are beautiful beyond description. Well Done! Thanks - Krislyn"

So hopefully that's evidence that it really is on it's way to all the other distributors! And also (HUGE sigh of relief) that it's not a disappointment in the flesh

You guys have been waiting six months and suddenly you get impatient? Give it another week or so and the distribution should be all sorted out.
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Golden Tarot!!!!

I got it I got it I got it!!!!!!!!!

What can I say, oh my...

The web site does not even BEGIN to do this deck justice. What an incredible deck, and a great bargain too!!!

I ordered the deck from my local metaphysical shop here in Springfield, Missouri, a few weeks before Christmas, and the deck just came in today, 3/4/04.

Having been sick all week, this really made my week!!!

Great job Kat! I love them, can't wait to sit down and actually USE them, but I almost hate to, they are so beautiful!!!!!!

I'll be saving my money to mail a card to Kat if the offer to sign a card is still good :-)

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Yippppppeeeee! I'm so glad they're filtering through into the shops.

Windtalker, PM me your address and I'll send you the tarot bag as promised to the first person to post here

Thanks so much for your kind words - I'm glad you agree that US Games did such a good job with the package.

Let's hope it means everyone's going to get their decks very soon.
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I just saw the Golden Tarot on ebay, from Tarot Garden. It had a buy-it-now, so I did. I guess that means that it's here!!
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The Tarot Garden supply arrived today -- I'm working on writing up the broadcast email for our preorderers now...

Kat: we had a number of people request that the box be signed, but the colors are so dark. Will there be enough "light area" for you to put a signature, or do you have a light-colored pen that would work on the box as is? Or do I need to let the folks who want the box signed know that they may want to go with a signature on the "artist's card" instead?

To any Aeclectic members who preordered the Golden from us: if you haven't received your copy of our broadcast email within 12 hours of the timestamp on this post, write to let me know right away.

-- Jeannette
The Tarot Garden

P.S. -- Just got the notifications from eBay & PayPal, gerbear. Thanks! Your Golden Tarot will be on its way tomorrow!
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Woo Hoo !!!

Oh my, where did I put that tent and sleeping bag? It's still to chilly at night to sleep under the stars while camping by the mailbox.

Good thing s/o just straightened the garage, makes rummaging around out there so much easier.

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