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Re: Another Amazon mystery

Originally posted by retrokat
Or perhaps it's to do with the alignment of the planets?

Where do you think avalanches come from ?????????????

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Mwhahaha! Either that or some omnipotent being has a grudge against the deck... I'm expecting the European orders to get eaten by a Sea-monster in transit, and the Australasian-bound copies will disappear mysteriously in the Bermuda Triangle on their way south. I just know it.
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I know I shouldn't say that because you are going to be upset but I've heard from my aliens' connection that Martians plan to make it look like all of this (even the deck) was just your imagination... This thread will be erased by the time the decks should have arrived to the buyers and even Aeclectic will disappear from the surface of the Earth. I'm trying to negociate on that one too. I have a good argument: either they left us alone or they get Michael Jackson back in the next space shuttle.

I think it might work since the little grey guys have lots to do right now, trying to hide all their water supplies and metropoles from the NASA paparazzi.

Is this off topic????

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Originally posted by Khatruman
Is that Amazon in the USA? The same Amazon that cancelled my pre-order and said it wasn't going to be published? The same Amazon that still won't bring up the deck if you do a search for it?

Would you have an ISBN on the deck or item number from Amazon so that I can give them a piece of my mind?
YESSSS oh mighty warior it is the same Amazon.
Here's a hoot. They say my deck is on its way.
I am being charged for it.
It's coming in a package with 2 other items.
That they could have sent seperatly, but they must have known the Golden was coming in because they waited to send it with the other items.
When I look up my order, Golden is listed, but not highlighted so I can't click on it and bring it up on the site.
So yes, it seems they are selling a deck that according to them doesn't exsist in there stock.
It'll be quit a surprise to see what comes in that box.

I usually order from Tarot Garden but I thought I would like to support Kat's site.
So I ordered thorough her site from Amazon.
I'm not upset about the hassle, but Kat, I hope you still get your cut from this deck.
It would be horrible if most of the decks cancelled came from your site and now you won't get any money from them.

Kissa~ I have been informed that this event will be triggered by the appearance of a giant crop circle in the shape of the great window at Notre- Dame, that will appear on the White House lawn.
So be watching!
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I think I'm going to wait a few days until the planets have realigned then bravely order my copy. Unless the Czech translation is already in the shops here ;-)
(in fact, one local publisher has a deal to translate all US Games decks into Czech - wouldn't it be just typical if it really WAS available in Czech first?)

Kat, perhaps you didn't make enough offerings to the Goddess Fortuna? Buy her a packet of chocolate biscuits at once!
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Mine didn't dissolve yet

But I anchored to earth in my favorite bags and the woven cord was attached to my bedstand. I checked it out first thing this morning and the Queen of Cups winked at me...or I winked at it.

Coming soon, in English as well.

Mari H.
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When someone hears from Amazon, please let me know! There's still no sign of the deck in their pages....
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Here ya go:


I was going to purchase it, but I have cut up my credit and debit cards. Haha.

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My copy of the deck arrived today! I only had an hour or so before going off to my evening job, so did not have a lot of time to examine it.

The box is very nice and the rather thick book fits in the box nicely. The cards have gilt edges and have the feel of the Tarot of Prague, not the heavier lamination of other US Games' decks. It's very smooth and silky. A bit slippery though.

The cards are beautifully collaged, and retain standard RWS imagery -- read this one right out of the box.

Worth the wait!!!

(who will be on spring break next week and will be able to catch up on Aeclectic)
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My Golden Tarot arrived today. It's marvelous. Everyone must get one!
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