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Originally Posted by retrokat
Funnily enough, because I'm overseas, I have the opposite experience re Amazon vs Resellers. Amazon (unless you want to pay horrendous airmail fees) can take up to 3 months to arrive! They use a system that's even lower priority than Sea Mail - basically the J-Bag waits on the dock until there's 'spare' space in containers.

From some resellers, I've had my books/decks/DVDs etc arrive in Australia within a week - they despatch from whatever international warehouse has stock, eg I recently got a book on video compositing, in English, sent from Germany after ordering on Amazon US.

Good to check the rating though - many of the biggies have over 95%. If I could rate Amazon I'd be giving a lower rate than that for overseas transactions! Hasn't user-rating made a huge difference to us as consumers, I love it
Wow, that's absolutely crazy. But, without Amazon, we wouldn't have the reseller option, you know?

Sooner or later there should be an Oz Amazon, one would think.
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Alternative Death Card???

I just got my Golden Tarot deck today and couldn't wait to start spending quality time with them. The deck is absolutely beautiful! I usally pack a new deck in sea salt for a few months to cleanse them before actually using them to do readings ( as I will these )- but will take them out practically daily to "develop" them... just my practice ;-)

I was wondering... on the Golden Tarot site there is an "alternative" death card... I like that one in addition to the one that came with the deck. Is it even possible to get the alternative card?
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Welcome to Aeclectic, Uriel

I'm afraid there isn't an actual 'card' for the alternative Death Card - it was just a design, that never got manufactured.

The hi-res graphic is probably somewhere on one of my archived hard-drives, all I can find at the moment is the the low-res graphic as per the website. Sorry I couldn't be more help!
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your beautiful deck - and a secret desire for the illegal one....

OK - this is awfully rude. I OWN the Golden Tarot. It is the most beautiful deck ever, and for some reason, cards just jump right out no matter the querent. Seriously - I am no tarot expert, but for some reason, with this deck, I'm like the Derek Acorah of tarot.

However. I saw your web deck. I REALLY WANT THE ORIGINAL DEATH CARD....

Oh please, please, please... where can I get that card?.....

I know, I know, I shouldn't, but I really wan't it.....

PLlllleeeeaase..... So I have an idea. If I find an illegal deck, can I pay the vendor and send you the same amount in recompense? Just so I can get that card?

Oh dear = v unPC tarot person...
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lol - I think it's the alternate version of the Death card you want, from the published deck. The 'original' - as in the version that got pirated, does not exist any higher res that in it is publicly available on my website:


That's as big as it exists in any form - do if you print it onto card yourself it's as good as it could possibly be.

If it's the alternate version from the published version (or Golden 2.0 as people have called it) then maybe I can find a higher res version on an old hard-drive, but again you'd have to print it yourself as it doesn't exist in any print form.

http://goldentarot.com/madeat.htm (I much prefer the version that did get published, with the arch formed by a skeleton - more like 1.0)


kat =^..^=
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Penny Dreadfuls 

I recieved this deck yesterday and am in awe of it Kat, thank you for the beauty, hope and serenity of this deck! I can't stop looking at each card, I am captivated, the images make me feel so many emotions and scope of life.

It's quite a work of art and acheivement Kat, thank you! I think I have a new favourite deck

And am all the more eagerly awaiting the release of your Touchstone Tarot!
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oooh, I just got my Golden Tarot and I am so in love with it!! I wasn't prepared for its beautiful "goldenness", the edging is just stunning. I have done some readings with it and I'm really pleased with how they have gone and how the cards really seem to speak to me. I've instantly made this my regular carry around deck

Just wanted to share!
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This one just arrived in the post yesterday.

My jaw hit the floor when I saw the packaging, considering the abysmally low price on Amazon.

The cards themselves are wonderful - only a couple have details that stand out too much... One issue I do have with the deck is the low resolution of the images which makes them look somewhat muddy.

I though I wouldn't be able to read with them considering how "busy" the images are but I was wrong - I immediately got a very good personal reading.
Overall - I'm quite satisfied.

.... I just have to get Touchstone now.
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