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Celtic Wisdom Tarot - courts of skill and art

The augury of skill depicts the spear of Lugh which is guareded by Esrus the Kindler, so says the book on page 69. The goddess Brighid is strongly connected to the tending of fire.Although Brighid is of course also a goddess of wells, poetry and other art forms next to the goddess of smithery and agriculture, it is hard for me not to connect the Queen of Art with the spear of Lugh. Imbolc, just as Lughnassadh celebrates the relationship between the tribe and the land. Brighid and Lugh, and their feast, are for me are really the representatives of the skills of the tribe.

Moreover the King of Art depicts Lugh himself, who is decribed as the "many-gifted one. However the term "the Samildach" is often translated as the skilled one. Lugh entered the hall of the Gods, because he possessed [every skill imagniable, skills rather then arts. Moreover is it not more sensible to link the Spear of Lugh to Lugh himself? The augury of battle is also connected to the king who possesed this weopen, Nuadu himself.

Although Gwydion and Manawyddann make a good warrior andking of skill, al thhe courts of skill have watery associations. Arianhrod lived near the sea (altough Lleu has firery associations, her son Dylan fell into the sea) and is also linked with poetic inspiration just as Brighid. Rhiannon gest to stuck to a golden bowl which I immediatly link to the cauldron (p.91). Mannawyddan is lord of the Isle of Man (visible in the background) and is related to the Irish Manannan, god of the sea.

I think in this case Matthews has wrongfully prioritized the associations with the season (Lugh as a god of summer, Brighid makes less sense) over the associations with a weapon of power.

How do you makes sense of this card order?
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I just stumbled across this thread

and I totally agree with you. It distracted me so much that I covered over the names at the bottom of the cards and switched their associations. So the Queen of Art is now Arianrhod and the Queen of Skill is Brighid. The King of Art is Manawyddan and the King of Skill is Lugh. It might disrupt the Matthews' seasonal associations but it just works better for me.

In fact I find it interesting the both Lugh and Brighid have fire imagery on their cards considering that the suit to which they were originally assigned was more watery. I wonder if it was some type of glitch.

Oh well, it's done now
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