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Is anyone still doing this?

I am thinking about starting but... I don't know if I can post my advances here? Or if anyone else is doing it right now?
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Can I jump in?

I'm re-learning tarot after a long absence, and have heard great things about this book. I came across a copy at a local bookstore so I bought it and would like to give it a shot.

I'm not sure if it will be difficult for someone with as little experience as I have, but I want to try. I can always come back to it later if I feel it's too much right now.

Can I just post in the Step 1 thread now? Or do I need to be 'signed up' or something first?

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Thoth elemental attributions

I have just realize that I really need to define my own keywords for the elements while doing step six. I would like to use them instead of the appendix but I am not sure if for the exercise I must stick with the book keywords.. advice?
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Smile Amazing Book

Props to Mary K Greer on this amazing "workbook." I'm on step 20 (working through the book once doing only apprentice, then back with a different card for adept.) Many of her steps really act as a prompt to go outside the box in understanding. Step 19 was a bit rough for me because I'm not familiar at all with myths, I know some characters, but not their stories. I couldn't really link my story to a myth. But I DID realize something significant at that point. Every step up until this one I was set on one outcome. (And the varied success/repercussions of that.) By choosing a different "ending" I was quite taken off guard that removing the logical/convenient/lesser risk outcome my stress level lowered (quite a bit for a few hours).

Anyway I was torn by Amazon review on whether to get this book. What it really amounts to is what you get out of it is directly from the effort you put a into it.

And I probably won't go back and type out my "lessons" - mainly because a) I'm at step 20. b) I didn't know all 21 steps were represented and there's a study group so I don't have digital documentation to copy/paste.

But seriously, if you want to stretch your brain muscles, this could do it.
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I have a kindle version of the book, and I am finding it precious, even thinking I would like a phisical copy..
I understand you are not going to type in the work you have already done, but keep in the back of your mind, if you come to have another go at the steps with a different card in the future that the thread here is a great tool.
I am not being lucky enough to have anyone working at the same time as me, but posting some of the readings in Your Reading threads I am getting some feedback, and reading through other student's steps, even if they are from years (decades sometimes) ago does help. I find it way better than working through the book on my own (as I am doing with Forest of Souls and Wen's Holistic Tarot, I would love to join study groups for them as well..).
My 2 cents
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I've been away from tarot for a super long time. I even sold off all of my decks at one point. So now I'm basically a newb all over again and I kind of like it. I just got this book yesterday and I am excited to start it. I know this group is a wee bit old, but I'm going to still try to post in all the threads as I go anyways.
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I just got the book, and so far I love it! Right now, I'm reading through the book to get a basic overview, and I should start posting in the study threads as well. I think this book does a great way of helping people find their own way of reading, beyond the traditional RWS, Thoth, or Marseilles systems.
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I just dug the book out to start to work with and somehow tripped across the study group - I feel very fortunate to have found it, and even happier to see that it's still active with people starting out!
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I just bought this book yesterday.. excited to see there is a study group thread... looks like a few of us are working through it now..
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I just purchased it online tonight so I will be joining too.
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