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Question for palm readers

hey everyone.

okay, so I am not too familiar with pamistry... but... maybe someone could help me out -- or at least point me in the right direction of where I could find more information. more specifically, I'm looking for information on lines on the tops of your fingertips -- if these mean anything in particular. Strangely enough, in the past week or so, several deep lines have manifested on the tip of the ring finger on my left hand. These creases seem to be changing in intensity -- and even seem extra sensitive sometimes. freaky! and, co-incidentally, I have been undergoing some major spiritual changes and reality shifts. was wondering if this was linked -- or if I was just getting older and falling apart! haha.

thanks for any info!

- wrinkled finger joy 8)
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Is your left hand your dominate hand? In most readings, only your dominate hand is read -- your non dom is thught to be what you ar given at birth, or the parents' hand.

The ring finger, the Apollo finger, is connected to beauty, creativity and the arts.

Hope this helps you as you puzzle the meaning of your hands. I read myself, but am still learning a lot.

Please share more, or can you scan your palm and post a pic so we can see it?
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hmmmm... I'm a righty.... ?
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If you're right handed, then tht is the had we read to lok at things whih wi8ll happen in the future, or which are happening now. This hand aparantly hanges with the times. The left hand (The one you don't use) is the hand we are born ith: It doesn't change in palmstry, and it represents the influences from the past and omeimes our personalities.

The deep lines you talk about onyour finger tip could be representative of health issues There is plenty in palmistry which says that certain attribues indicate certain health problems, eg- White flecks on he finger nails could mean a zinc deficiency or something...

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i'm by no means an expert on palmistry, so take this with a grain of salt.

lines on the fingertips do increase with age. they also can represent overdoing things, stress and worry. on the ring finger they can represent worry or stress about a long term relationship or marriage. i wouldn't rule out stress due to feeling unable to express yourself creatively. the less used hand does represent your past and inherited traits. is there a worry rooted in a past issue?
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hmmmm..... thanks guys.

yep. STRESS. haha. doesn't that seem to be the cause of everything? but, yes, it is fitting. definitely been stressed, to say the least AND battling some health problems. just found it odd that my finger would change like that!

went to show it to a friend yesterday, who is familiar in palmistry -- and the lines were practically gone! too faint to see! whereas earlier that day they were so deep and tinglely and even seemed to be forming into the letter "H"

haha. so yes. I guess it means I'm stressed, ill, and now CRAZY!

thanks for your responses. .... and the mystery continues.

oh, I did find out that the left hand ring finger is connected to the heart. a main artery runs that way. which is why, when you get married, it is traditional to put a ring on that finger -- to symbolize how you are now connected with your partner, heart to heart. also, of course, tied into the heart chakra.

I guess my finger is just being tempermental.
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