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step3 Fool-Gateway to the Divine

1)An optimistic red clad youth leans dangerously to the right while standing on a tipping hourglass with the tip of his left toe while the earth spins below him. His white dog is vainly trying to hold on to the youths red scarf with his teeth.The masked youth has his right arm outstreched eagerly trying to grab 5 tarot cards that are floating out of a decorative box. The cards are trailing stardust as they pass the youth who seems very determined to catch them. 2)I am a enthusiastic youth determined to capture floating tarot cards just out of my grasp. I'm barely standing on a tipping hourglass filled with red sand and could lose my balance if I'm not careful. My poor little white dog wishes we were on the ground instead of floating above the earth as he is barely holding onto my scarf with his teeth.
3)I suffer from severe depression and many times I feel as if I could lose my balance while dealing with every day realities. I try to stay optimistic and focus on the here and now but it is very hard at times. I reach out for help but alot of times it's just too hard for me to accept it.
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21 Ways, Step 3

5 of Pentacles, Anna K Tarot

1) The couple in this card is taking shelter under a blanket suspended on poles. They are snuggled together, the woman soothing the man. She is careworn and his brow is wrinkled in sorrow. They are cold; snow is piling up around them.

2) I am a woman, homeless and taking shelter by the Church that offers help to so many others. My mate is beside me, expressing his sorrow for not being able to provide for us. Although I am exhausted from the years of struggle and hardship, I still find the strength to offer comfort to him.

3) After my divorce, my house was robbed and that was the final push into bankruptcy. I had worked two jobs throughout most of our relationship, had paid for the house, furniture, cars, and had very little to show for years of work. I was still strong enough to pull everything together for my kids and comfort them on what we had lost.
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Smile 21 ways, step 3

Savage Tarot - High Priestess

1) The young woman kneels in the empty, decaying room. We cannot tell whether she wants to be there, or if she is alone. From the troubled look on her face, I don't think either of these things matter to her. All that matters is what is going on inside her head. Her thoughts, her feelings, the true nature of the situation - these things are all-consuming and threaten to overwhelm her. The 'roots' in the bottom half of the picture really do look more like a neural network, and the woman herself looks to me -I am just noticing this now, Eureka! - as if she is staring right into it. As though staring into the very essence of thought itself.

2) I do not belong here. I am lost in a sudden flash of insight, the weight of realisation. Lost in a daydream, almost. Alone with my thoughts, which are almost a burden in their clarity. I feel that if I could share this knowledge, if I could find someone to listen, then perhaps it would lift some of this burden from me. But there is nobody here. If they are here, it is likely that they would not listen or worse, would not see the significance in what I have realised. Perhaps this knowledge is only intended for me. Perhaps my task is to put it into words that others will understand - and then I will be free.

3) I really do relate to the emotional content I have percieved in this card. Sadly, someone I know took his own life last year. We were best friends, when we were growing up. When he died, everyone expected me to be sad and cry all the time. I WAS sad - devastated in fact, I still am and a part of me always will be, and I cry plenty - but what I couldn't make them understand was how angry I was with him, at least at first. Partly because I was left behind, and partly because I knew so much more about his situation. My feelings of anger and betrayal made me feel selfish, and unsympathetic. There was nobody I could talk to about this without them thinking the worst of me. I felt frustrated, isolated, misunderstood, and alone.

(At this point, I think it's break time )
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for Bumpy_Boo...

Hi Bumpy_Boo, I looked up an image of your card on the internet, and it's definitely an intense card. I encourage you to keep going with these exercises. I found them surprisingly insightful and informative. If only for my own well-being, and I hope as much, if not more, for you. Having experienced what you have with the death of your friend and how you are processing this great loss, it is no wonder how desolate a place the HP has found herself. She almost seems to be morphing from those two huge eyes with no face, back to full human, then becoming the immediate enviroment itself. A point of flux, change, what is real, what is not...thank you for sharing with us this very delicate time in your journey. I wish you strength, Bumpy_Boo!
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Originally Posted by squeakmo9 View Post
Hi Bumpy_Boo, I looked up an image of your card on the internet, and it's definitely an intense card. I encourage you to keep going with these exercises. I found them surprisingly insightful and informative. If only for my own well-being, and I hope as much, if not more, for you. Having experienced what you have with the death of your friend and how you are processing this great loss, it is no wonder how desolate a place the HP has found herself. She almost seems to be morphing from those two huge eyes with no face, back to full human, then becoming the immediate enviroment itself. A point of flux, change, what is real, what is not...thank you for sharing with us this very delicate time in your journey. I wish you strength, Bumpy_Boo!
Thank you (I PM'd you the rest) With this in mind, I will move onto the next step
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Ivy Rhiannon 
Step Three

Druidcraft Tarot ~ The Fferyllt

1.) Looking in on the woman she seems to have an intense concentration. The whole atmosphere speaks of careful planning and precise measurements. However I get the feeling this is a new or very important experiment.

2.) Woman - I feel tense, curious, and very well prepared for this moment. I feel assured I have done everything perfectly and am waiting to see if my created combination will yield my desire.

Key Words: Preparedness, curiosity, careful planning, focus, balance, transformation.

3.) This situation reminds me of spell work. You must plan things out, have the perfect mix of focus, ingredients, and concentration. Spell work and alchemy is about transformation.
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21 ways step 3 Radiant Rider Waite - Judgement

3-1) I am in an envrioment that is very bleak , the sky is grey and cloudy ., i feel it will rain soon. As i look down upon the earth i see mountains , a river that has a rippling effect and a couple of trees in the distance, other than the rippling water i feel a strong sense of peace ,there are people down below that have risen from their coffins they heard the loud harmonious sound from my trumpet , their skin is also a wash with grey , no black or white colour everyone is the same ,i see them reaching up to me with feelings of joy , they are excited yet a bit bewildered at the same time they know i have come to resurrect them from the dead , so that they can all unite in complete happiness and joy with all their loved ones again. They are open and willing to accept this new transition, as they know what truly matters to them now , they have lived before and will have a whole different outlook on life this time around.

3-2) I have risen from my coffin to the sound a great harmonious trumpet , as i look up i see an angel hovering in the sky i am in awe its beauty I raise my hand up in the air hoping to touch it and to let it know that i hear its music loud and clear.I look all around i see mountains in the distance their is a river and the water has a rippling effect .There are a couple of trees in the distance their green colour really brightens up the dreariness from the cloudy sky .The air is cold and damp like the feeling you just get just before it starts to rain ,it is only then that i begin to realise that i am in human form i feel so overwhelmed and have to pinch myself to make sure that i am not dreaming .I am so delighted when i feel the pain from the pinch ,it is true i am reborn . My arms are still risen in the sky towards the angel ,i feel unconditional love eminating from its energy ,as it is here to guide me to my new destiny that awaits before me . .I embrace this new transition that is happening to me with open arms .

3-3) I really have no situation that describes the judgement card for me, except that now i am in my early 40s i feel i have had a spiritual awakening of some sort , and i now see things on a whole new level , with a new outlook . I now know what it most important to me in my life and what truly matters the most.
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Post Step 3 etruscan tarot 3 of swords

A1. Emotions of fear, pain, bravery, violence, doubt, awkwardness, pity and ambivalence surrounds this card.

A2. As Warrior - I am torn about having to do this. Although I know that I am courageous and brave, and this has truly been a long fight in the standing, I never thought I would see the day wherein I have to take the life of someone so young and beautiful. I don't even know if this is victory and glory or pure emptiness that strikes me but I need to do it because it is my duty, and it is what's expected of me. She is begging for her life and appealing to me to spare her. This is where I feel torn - should I or should I not? Nevertheless, I have plunged the blade and I know that in a few minutes or hours, all this will be over.

As High Priestess -- I am so afraid for my life but now, I feel the sharp pain of the blade. I can no longer win this battle and the best that I can do is kneel down and make one last appeal. He has stabbed me to the heart and because of this, I do not know what will happen next. Will I live or will I die? Have I lost and have they won? I will most likely lose my life never knowing.

A3. REAL EXPERIENCE Just this year, I fought a most significant battle in my life -- a dying kidney. I have been diabetic and had my first transplant in year 2000. After ten years, the kidney was struggling and I needed to find a new one in order to have a second transplant. Ten years of staying alive with a kidney that never belonged to me was struggle enough - ensuring that my medicines made sure my army of immune system never realized that there was a "foreign" body inside me. After ten years, my secret got finally discovered and my transplanted kidney started to deteriorate. I searched for a donor and constantly lived in doubt and fear that I would not be able to find one, and even If I did find a donor, it would be very hard for us to make it to the finish line owing to very strict government regulations about getting a kidney from a non-related donor. finally got a kidney and had a second transplant and thought life would be a breeze. Unfortunately, two days after we were discharged from the hospital, my fears became more founded -- I experienced rejection signs. Doctors worried that what was an acute rejection would turn into chronic rejection and in a few days time, the kidney would die. I had to find ways and means to get extra resources so that I can afford to pay for a procedure that would save my kidney as well as take medicines typically given to leukemia patients. For the patients, I was fighting for my life - at a certain point, when everything proved difficult because of what was happening inside my body (adjusting to drugs, etc.) I nearly wanted to give up. Relating it to the card, I felt like a Cassandra being stabbed and wondering what have I not yet accomplished in life which I was almost about to lose. Then, I shifted to Ajax the warrior -- rough as it may be, I told myself I will survive and get rid of whatever was really contributing to all this war inside me -- my fear, my lack of confidence, my careless about my health. In this experience as depicted in the card -- I felt both pain, loss and a sense of victory -- but hopefully not empty.
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Soaring Eagle 
21 Ways...Step Three

Step 3: Celtic Dragon - 8 Strength

3-1: The dragon seems to be testing the woman. Checking to see if she has the inner strengh and willpower to move along this path. He does not appear angry, just testing. The woman appears driven to prove that she is worthy of the dragon's trust and to move along on her path. She is showing balance, as she balances on the two rocks beneath her feet. The small dragons seem to be offering a quiet support to the woman. They are showing her that they believe in her.

3-2: I stand upon two rocks, one beneath each foot, and reach out to touch the large dragon that is on my path. I must prove to him that I am strong enough and have the will power to pursue my path. The dragon is not angry, even though be blows steam at me, but is definately testing my dissolve. I feel a great strength coming from my small dragon companions. The fact that they are with me gives me more strength and determination to continue on my path. When the large dragon reaches out and touches my dress, I do not flinch, but look him in the eyes, trying to convey my desire to continue on my path.

3-3: The most recent time that I have had to show my determination such as this woman is showing is when I applied for a Federal Government job. There were many applicants, and I had not been working for a long while in this field. I showed my soon-to-be boss that I was determined to succeed in this job, had the strength of will to see it through, and my determination to find a better job than my last to support my two children. I succeeded in my interview, and got the job. My boss later told me that it was my "strength and determination" that made him choose me over other candidates that had more recent experience.
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3.1 (Emotions)
The forest looks dense, a bit uncanny and full of secret life. Still, there are rays of sunlight shining through the trees and it seems warm. The man has rolled up his sleeves, so he has worked hard and is feeling warm and he is scratching his head in wonder, looking baffled at the golden goose as if he is struggling to understand. He didn't expect the goose and is wondering how this could happen.

I am warm as it is still sunny even though the forest is dense. It's just a bit uncanny as the trees seem almost alive. I have rolled up my sleeves feeling sweaty from the work. I'm looking baffled at the golden goose sitting there in the hollow tree stump in front of me asking myself: "How did that get there?".

3.3 (What situation in your life reminds you of the card)

- When unexpectedly I was paid a Christmas bonus though I have been on maternity leave since February. I was a bit worried because I had to buy a new laptop and I thought it might get tight financially and then I got the letter saying I'd get a Christmas bonus

- We had been trying for a baby for a long time and then had given up. Last spring I thought: "Let's give it one last try before I'm too old". So I went off the pill but didn't think anything would happen as I'm "reproductively challenged" - as the politically correct would say. So this reminds me of the situation when suddenly the home pregnancy test came out positive, me staring at it incredulously like the man at the golden goose.


Environment seems cold/bleak (is there something going on in the q's life that he feels his environment is hostile?)
sleet at at distance (are they expecting something bad coming their way?)
ominous clouds overhead (something "weighing them down" and they are not sure what?)
small patch of clarity (some consolation, something they rely on?)
unbearably sad and dejected (why?)
wounded and experiencing inner pain (cause? external? internal?)
attitude (is this just the p's perception? - is the situation desperate?)
shadow part of ME (taking delight in one's own suffering or in seeing someone else suffer?)
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