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Hanson Roberts - Sun XIX - emotions

The sun is smiling and feels confident and give also confidence to the horse and child. It is a comfortable warm day. The child looks so happy and loveable, it could be singing or cheering in joy. The horse is proud and strong, and happy too, it knows where to go without the child steering the way.

Here we are! Look at us! We shine like the sun. I know the way, no need to worry. I bring lasting comfort and happyness. Cheer with me and be happy with what you have accomplished. I love the golden sun and how it radiates everything, including myself. I planted the seeds for the sunflowers and now I enjoy how they've grown and turn with the sun. I feel just so happy and strong!

A Sun-moment. The day my partner Jennifer and I really really decided to choose for ourselves after a long time of resistance from our family. I asked her to marry me and she said yes, and the week after proposing we invited all our friends to celebrate with us in the garden with a barbecue. We felt so loved and were so happy! Still are of course, but that week was so special, one of my best sun-moments.
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Step Three - Guilded - Three Cups

3-1) The three ladies are enjoying themselves. They are having a great time. Dancing. They see things glowing in their hands, they must be having a little drinky poo. It's night time, but it looks like it's going to be a great day tomorrow. Even though the ladies are there together, it seems like they are busy doing their own thing.

3-2) I am partying and having a good time. I'm having a few drinks with some friends. We're dancing and having fun. It feels like a nice summer evening. Just at dusk. I can see by the sky that it's going to be a nice sunny warm day tomorrow. I'm now excited knowing I can go swimming tomorrow, or at the very least, spend some time sunning.

3-3) Any warm weekend evening in the summer, I'm in a three of cups atmosphere. Camping, and partying with friends, and knowing I'm going to get to laze around the next day, or go swimming, or some other summery activity.
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step 3 Tarot of Dreams star

Step 3.1 she looks almost unemotional but supremely confident. The area around her is the space above the world she is literally on top of the world. In control confident and self assured and very alone also she shows no expression

step 3.2 my home is the boundless space I am one with spirit as I poor light onto the earth I stand on a star as i am one with it. I where no cloths as i do not need it i am one with the universe

step 3.3 once a week I go to meditation circle. For one of our meditations we make our selves a medicine wheel we eventually send our group energy to the earth I felt earth mother and I had this feeling that i was part of her I also felt really sad because she seemed to really need the energy like she was hurting.
That was the one and only time I cried during meditation.
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Step three

Baroque Bohemian Cat's Tarot- four of wands

a.) The young cat in the foreground seems to have a determined and resolute look in her eyes as she gazes off into the distance. The rich, deep red color of her skirt gives the feeling of confidence, boldness and great inner strength.
Behind her stands a fearful, scared looking cat who is wide eyed with apprehension. Even the color of her clothing suggests the fear of trying something new, unwilling to take risks.
The newly blooming trees suggest new, grand adventures that lay ahead. They give the feeling freshness and newness.

b.) As I gaze upon the primary figure of the young cat, I am flooded with feelings of determination, strength and branching out into new territory. Unlike the second young cat, I am not hesitant to be bold, try something new stretch my wings so to speak.
Great opportunities lie ahead the trees seem to be telling me.

c.) I remember when I decided to move from the small country town that I grew up in to the "big city" my friends all asked me why I couldn't just stay in the same town and continue the same routines we had always had. The lure of the city with it's promise of new adventures and opportunities coupled with my sense of inner strength convinced me that a change from the "norm" was a good thing and I looked foward to all it had to offer. I new things would be allright and all their fears were groundless.
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21 Ways - Step Three

Step 3: Daughters of the Moon (B/W), Five of Flames

3.1 The woman in this card is filled with hot energy to the point of exploding. Because of all the red I "see," I associate this w/anger.

3.2 I'm filled w/rage that has been tamped down for a long time & will no longer be contained. It's flowing out of me in a very directed & controlled but explosive way. My whole body is involved in this release. I won't be contained any longer.

3.3 I remember a time at work a few years ago when a particular colleague's rigidity came into conflict with something I needed and I was so furious I had to rush out of her office and into the restroom. I'd just gone there to "cool off," but it so happened that our boss was in there at the same time & I just exploded & said, "Something HAS to be done about ____[the person]" I remember feeling I just couldn't contain myself. I wish I'd had lava rushing out of me!
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Step THREE - Emotions

Intuitive Tarot - The Chariot

3-1) The charioteer looks very calm in the face, but his mask covers his eyes so we can't see the expression in them at all. He is holding a mace above the horses, so perhaps he is ready to whip them into going faster.

3-2) I am standing crouched on my chariot, mace in one hand high above the horses and rein in the other hand. I'm determined to keep the horses on the course that I have set for them. I am in control and will keep these beasts under my direction. But I am just a little hesitant. There are two of them, and they weigh far more than I do. Can I truly keep them in line with my willpower and my mace and reins?

3-3) I remember my first marriage so many years ago. I felt powerless to be a true partner, and didn't want to have to try and "control" my husband. I tried to control by manipulation instead of direct communication because I did not know how else to have a "say" in our conflicts. I felt totally OUT of control in the marriage. I wanted to BE equal, but did not FEEL equal. On the flip side, I believe I felt as though I was BEING controlled, and did not like that feeling. Luckily I am in a far better relationship now, and we are BOTH in control, mostly of ourselves and our balanced relationship. So the Chariot Card demonstrates to me that having both power AND the confidence to use it appropriately are valuable lessons of the Chariot card.
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World Spirit - Two of Cups

3.1 The mood of this card is happy, the two figures are joyously celebrating. The circle they are dancing in encloses them and sactifies the magic circle of their friendship.

3.2 I have waited to so long to find someone that I can share with, who understands me and who wants to be an equal partner, I am overjoyed and reverant as we celebrate our friendship.

3.3 This card reminds me of sitting in the corner of the pub with two friends sharing our common experiences of mental illness.
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21 Ways - Step Three

Golden Tarot - 6 of Cups

3-1: In this card, two children sit in a lovely garden. The older boy seems to be reading a book to the younger boy. He has an air of pride about him as though he's happy to be entertaining the younger one. The younger boy is gazing up at the older one with great interest and hope that he will accept the cup of flowers he is offering to the reader. The little one must be a "busy" child as he's managed to catch a small bird in his hand and he's holding on to it tightly. There is a pleasant atmosphere in the sky and its surroundings. The warmth of the sun is shining on a comfortable, clear day.

3-2: I sit as quitely as I can, listening to my older brother read me a story. He's good at that. I've found some pretty flowers to give him so I can show him how much I love and appreciate him in my own childlike way. He doesn't seem to be paying attention to me though. Earlier, I was running through the grass with my bare feet trying to catch a bird. I was pretty clever the way I snuck up on it and snatched it up! The grass tickles my toes, but the sun feels good on my face. I sure wish "brother" would pay attention to me.

3-3: The first thing that came to mind that I can relate to this card isn't a recent one, but one that although is about 30ish years old has still never left my memory. One early evening when I was about 6-8 yrs old, shortly after dinner when my parents and I were sitting around the living room watching television, I took the time to draw a horse on a sheet of paper. I remember my stepfather lying on the floor in front of the television watching intently, my mother on the couch behind us crochetting, myself sitting on the floor drawing, and a wonderful fire roaring in the fireplace. After finishing the picture, I was so proud of how it turned out. I reached over and gave it to my dad, saying something like, "Here Dad, I drew you a picture of a horse." He proceeding to take the drawing, look it over, commenting that it was "nice," and for some terrible reason, he put it in the fireplace! I remember being crushed that he would do that. I remember being confused as to why he would do that. And I still have not been able to figure it out. But I wonder now.....could this be why my younger years of love for drawing has vanished and never been persued?
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Most likely

I can see that as being a tragic event for someone 6 to 8 years old. Twenty years ago I carved the top of a Nantucket Basket (prized as expensive pocket books by ladies) making a three dimensional strawberry patch with a lady bug and a snail among the berries. The wife said she loved it and put it away to never use it. That has always bothered me and I was well into my adult years then. Creativity is a form of loving. It hurts when it is crushed. Dave
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RWS- 5 of Swords- emotions of characters

The general emotions to this card are generated by the water going through the background and the clouds looming above. These emotions are of disturbance.
In addition, more emotions are given by the body language of these three men.

Emotions of the characters:
#1 man (holding swords) Relief and disbelief as the conflict subsides. The wind indicating that the problem is pacified, for the time being. Satisfaction with surface results, not wanting to concern self with true resolution. A quiet, but jubilient feeling that "it" is over.

#2 man (in yellow & orange) Shock to think that he was well-equipped to do battle. Being surprised by the outcome and his part in it. Disappointment in himself, sees himself as better, but perceives failure. Thoughts are still scattered causing him to be catatonic.

#3 man (by the water) Full impact of failure is felt. Worn physically, emotionally, spiritually. Tried too hard and was invested in the outcome far too much. Feels only loss, at the moment. Completely discombobulated, but also relieved that "it" is over, for now.
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