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Truthfully I was trying to do this without getting the book, I see now that it isn't possible. I did just order the book from New Age and should get it in about a week. However I did ask for a bit of help here from Jewel.

Wondering if I should laugh or cry because I picked the Devil for this first round, and it hasn't been an easy journey AT ALL for me. The cards break down to 6 which is that of my Soul/Personality card. So no matter how difficult this is for me apparently it is where I need to be at. *sighs* I hate that double handed slap from fate.
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21 Ways...Step Five: RWS Emperor

The keywords I chose for 4 are:

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21 ways to read a tarot card - Step Five - Nine of Pentacles - Gilded Tarot

Nine of Pentacles

The three words I have chosen are
-Temporary Stability

I've drawn the nine of pentacles.
Nines are about loneliness.

Although I must confess I don't really understand the point of this step, as it just moves on after that statement....but then I realise that there are several pages of exersices at the adept level eeep.... think I am glad I am only doing apprentice for!
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Step 5, Whispering Tarot, The Emperor

Looking at the Emperor, Death, and the minor arcana 4s of the Whispering Tarot, I narrowed the keywords/phrases from appendix B to eleven that fit all or most of the six illustrations.

Since I am not yet familiar with this deck, I am choosing key words which are supported by these illustrations in my eyes.

I want to pick key words that I will remember as belonging to 4s, but I am trying not to just be in a rut of staying with what I know (i.e. what is familiar).

I was surprised to find keywords on the list in Appendix B that are not ones I have previously associated with the number 4, yet were expressed in my writing for previous steps. (Pretty cool!)

>> My card is the Emperor, associated with the number four. Fours represent building a solid foundation, structure, feeling secure, and rest.
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For Joon

You are making nice progress. Earlier posts in this thread talk about numbers as they are used in different systems --- astrology, numerology, tarot. There are differences which make it difficult to just blindly mix number-meanings as used in one system into another system. You are starting to get into the good material now, and I enjoy reviewing all of the older posts of a few years back. Dave
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The Guided Hermit 

I drew the Wheel, Major Arcana X (Ten). For this card, this is the number for effects and result of Completion and Karma.

Keywords that I associate with the VIA Wheel are:
3—Evolution per revolution

Looking for a relationship with the previous card (The Hermit) and the next card (Lust/Strength in the VIA)

The Hermit finds himself wandering in solitude. In his travels, he finds and steps upon the Wheel. It rolls onward; he applies his Strength and in accordance to Nature, he is taken to a new place.
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Greer (2006) 21 Ways - Step 5

Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot
7/The Chariot

I have drawn 7/The Chariot, its number in Tarot Spirituality deals primarily with trials & tribulations, tests, challenges, and according to Gargiulo-Sherman (1999) "[karamic] lessons."

While Greer (2006) describes standard Western systems, I'm not sure if the ones I know are helpful. While there are the Seven Deadly Sins (sloth, avarice/greed, lust, anger/wrath, pride, gluttony, & envy from Schimmel [1997]) and the Seven Virtues (Faith, Hope, Love, Prudence, Justice, Temperance, & Courage/Fortitude)...

[as well as the list in Gargiulo-Sherman (1999) of power, grace, ethics, courage, love, benevolence, & honesty on p. 57 that are juxtaposed with the traditional Seven Deadly Sins and how one from each belong to one of the seven Renissance astrology bodies - kind of cool really!]

...I usually think of "seven" as a number of perfection or completion. Oh well, just have to see it differently for Tarot I suppose. I'm not sure what to think about numerology, astrology, and such. On an archetypal level, I see all the ideas with these points as truths. I'm just not sure where to go from there...


Gargiulo-Sherman, J. (1999). Guide to the Sacred Rose Tarot. Stanford, CT: US Games Systems.

Greer, M. K. (2006). 21 Ways to Read a Tarot Card. Woodbury, MN: Llewellyn.

Schimmel, S. (1997). The Seven Deadly Sins: Jewish, Christian, and Classical Reflections on Human Psychology. New York: Oxford University Press.
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Robin Wood Deck
The Chariot - 7

Looking back at the various cards that are 7, the two keywords which I used are:

Momentary inertia and Potential
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And then, . . .

And then we have the Lucky Seven in various games and mythic stories, as well as the "fated one" who is the seventh son of a seventh son, etc. It would seem that everyone has seen "seven" in many different ways. Perhaps it is best if we stick to what seven means within the tradition or system that we are working within.

Within tarot, the Sevens seem to have a range of meanings which place one at a crucial point: one is challenged, questioned, offered that which may distract them, --- all related to one not being quite in command of oneself. On the other hand, Mary Greer also points out that seven can stand for mastery and power --- attributes that suggest one is in command of oneself. If this range of meanings pivots around whether one is striving for self-control or has achieved it, then we need to consider the context of the other cards in a spread to best understand just where the seven is at. Dave
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Shadowscapes-King of Wands

I've chosen keywords for the king that also feels right with this king in this particular card. For instance, he is not at all about aggression.

Kings are about power, mastery & authority.

I'm finding this forum extremely helpful. I'm gettin much more insight than simply doing it on my own. Thanks to all.
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