Beauty and Beast type dream

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Part 6

Whatever this issue is, it is not exactly what you think it is. I bet you will find that if you look at the situation with great care, you will find that what you once believed to be completely true is no longer so. I also think that once you have confronted the problem, you will find that your life will change. Do not embrace what you do not understand. For this will short you in this union. We only fully appreciate things that we have worked hard to achieve, so don't just automatically accept something for truth before searching for the truth first. (For instance, in Wicca, they say you should devote a year and a day to studying the craft before you become an initiate.)
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Part 7

Once you confronted the man, you were willing to take the risk of a relationship without even knowing what the dangers are. In the dream, you are committing to something that is not doing the same for you. However, it is warning you ahead of time that you do not know all you need to know.

Please let me know if I can clarify anything for you. I didn't want this to be too long, but . . . oh well. If you like, I can e-mail you a more detailed analysis if this does not clarify it for you.

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Thanks for the interpretations for my dream. They make more sense out of what my dream could mean. Blessings, Momof3girls
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If I had had your dream, I would have woken up telling my family "Hey, last night I met the Devil!". And I'd go read up on all the things I could find about him.
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