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Maat tarot IDS

Card/Number: The Fool/38

Card Image: see attached

First Impression: I have always enjoyed the image of the Fool as a shaman, standing with one foot in both worlds. He is truly the ideal on leaping into the unknown.

Card Description: A young, native American man stands in his regalia, eyes closed, shaking a rattle in his left hand, and holding a drum in his right. The constellation Orion is within him, the belt around his waist, while the white dog at his side shines by the light of the star Sirius.

Masculine/Feminine/Neutral: masculine

Senses: you hear the steady drum beat mixed with the rhythmic rattle- a far off laughter, so light you can barely hear it shines through. The air is warm, but then forgotten, as the earth melts away and the journey begins.

Symbols: drum, rattle, dog, Orion/Sirius

Story (intuitive): I sit back and smile, "Speak to me love, my trickster consort, for this is YOUR card, so you should be able to reveal at least some of your secrets.". He laughs beautifully-oh, I do love him! "Remember love, it is not about beginnings, or even leaps of faith- my job has always been, at its root, to wipe away stability and stagnation and maintain movement. It is a catabolic effect, breaking things down, and acting as a catalyst for Wyrd. It is not about courage- you have to have fear for that, which I have none!", He winks, a sly grin on his very handsome face, "There is no faith per se, just living in Wyrd and knowing that its flow will move us all. We ride in it, but invariably, some try to dam it- to stop the flow in order to rest, to enjoy a moment in time longer than they should. I break through those dams and shatter that idyllic moment- so some fear my arrival. But, in the end, I am merely a child of Wyrd- and my role is to ensure that all flows as it should, leaving behind the known, and moving to the unknown.". I smile at my consort- the catalyst to Wyrd. Pain in the ass that he is, we do all need him. But even more so, I love him, and that is a mystery unto itself.

Astrologic: vernal Equinox, Eostar

Element: fire and ether

Keywords: fool, trickster, jester

Meanings: leaping into the unknown, change, beginning

Quote: "Why not?!"
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