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Table of Contents - All About Reading



Do you use special rituals, etc before starting a reading?
Tarot reading rituals - info please!
Dependancy on ritual
So what are your rituals?
Rituals/procedure for agnostics/non-denominal folks?
Question about care of deck
Sleeping on a card

Purification, Ordering, Cleansing & Charging
How to cleanse my cards
Ordering and purifying your tarot cards
Ordering the Deck Between Readings?
Others touching my cards
Cleansing and charging your cards
Reorganizing Cards?

Grounding, centering, shielding
grounding and centering before readings
Asking the Question

Forming a question
Rephrasing the question
Basic types of questions
Yes & No questions
Asking the correct questions
Asking the deck a question...
Specific vs. general questions in readings
To know the Question or not know the Question?
When the spread only mirrors my question...
Relationship between cards and questions asked
Stating the question aloud vs. keeping quiet...
Do you ask the question as you pull the card?
How often do you ask a YES/NO question?
Asking serious questions (and what if you don't like the answers)
The Querants Question- Do you hear it before or after a reading?

Another question from Ms. Perplexed: who shuffles?
Querants and shuffling
Shuffling - I prefer to shuffle for the client
Others touching my cards

Riffling vs. lacing
Riffle shuffle?
Shuffling tips? okay to riffle?
Shuffling Cards
Way to shuffle?
*shuffle shuffle*
Shuffling Method
How do you shuffle a large deck?
What's your shuffling method, why does it work for you?
Interest in a shuffling video
Kyrielle's Rhythmic Focus Shuffle
Shuffling and cutting the deck
Shuffling & Cutting the deck.. CONFUSED - help!
Shuffling and card selection
Shuffling when using reversals
Reshuffle before drawing clarification card?
Cards falling out while shuffling
Shuffle and storage question
How do you shuffle?
Anyone not shuffle between readings?

Jumping Cards
Cards that Jump
Flipped cards
Dropped Cards
Jumpers in Past/Present/Future spread
That card that jumps out!

Hazards of shuffling
Aggressive Shufflers
Accidental shuffles
Shuffling related injury
How to shuffle with Carpal Tunnel syndrome

Philosophy of shuffling
Why is there Shuffle?
Does it matter how I shuffle the cards?
How random is your shuffle?
Cutting the Deck

Cutting the deck (lionheart)
Cutting the deck (the hermit)
Separating deck?
To Cut The Cards or Not to Cut The Cards...
Choosing the Cards

"choosing" cards
Choosing the cards. I'm perplexed.
How do you pick your cards?
Drawing cards off top or from a fan
Pulling cards off the deck for readings
Card from top or fan out deck?
How do you pick extra cards?
Pick the card
Hand type in spreads? (picking cards with left or right hand)
Laying out the Cards

Flip or Turn the cards?
Laying of the cards
How to place the cards
Dealing: Face up or down?
How do you deal the cards
laying the cards....
Unusual ways of dealing the cards
Face up or face do you read your spreads?
How do YOU draw cards for a reading?
Anything wrong with Celtic Cross for everything?
Laying out a Celtic Cross spread ~ What's your style?
Clarification Cards

Drawing additional cards
Those Clarification Cards
How do you pick extra cards?
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The Reading
The Querent -- Reading for:

The curious/skeptical
Family members
Teenagers/young adults
For someone on line
Public Cases
Reading someone without permission
Readings about others
Reading for a third person

General Reading Techniques
What to say when wrapping up a reading
What do you think of one-card readings?

Reading in Special Situations
To converse with the dead
In public
On a palm pilot
anybody read during full or new moons?
Long Distance Readings

Reading Problems
Readings that don't work
Negative readings
Really way off readings
Strange Readings
really off readings
Confusing Readings
Irrelevant readings
Reader's Block
The Reading doesn't count when
Do you parrot or read cards?
How to make your tarot readings longer
Online readings: how could you possibly believe in them?
Online Tarot Readings?
what if a question is a lie?
bad deck?
What do you do when a reading is totally off the mark? (+ the tricky Courtcards)
Cards you *still* don't get!
Is it possible not to be able to read

Reading for yourself
What about reading for yourself?
How do you do an effective reading for yourself?
Self-Reads v/s Reading For Others (DollChica)
Self-Readings vs. Readings for Others (ChrisTheObscure)
Reading for Yourself
Reading for Self/Developing Intuition/Cleansing the Deck
Reading as meditation/for answers
How often do you read for yourself?
When reading for yourself do you take from deck or...


Newbie & General Questions

Beginnerís Query & reversed cards????
When do you know to reverse meanings?
How do reversed cards work?
Should newbies wait before using reversals?
Are my spreads wrong if I don't use reversals?
Can Majors be read reversed too?
Ill-Dignified...How Can You Tell?
Reversals a must?
reversals, should we or should we not?
Reversals were NOT designed in original tarot
Reversals: how important is consistency?

How do you interpret reversed cards?
What's the general opinion about reversals...?
Reversed cards as opposites?
Reversals as blockage
Using Reversals Unsuccessfully

Do you or don't you...
Reversals or not???
To reverse or not to reverse?
Reversals or no reversals... that is the question!
What does it mean to not use reversals?
Reversals, and the lack thereof
In a Celtic Cross, upright the crossing card?
Reading Reversals - My Perspective

Shuffling for reversals
A, maybe strange, question about reversals
Creating Reversals
Practical Reversals question sans debate
Ultra-stupid question on reversed cards
Am I upside down?
Question concerning Reversals?

Poll: To allow reversals or not - that is the question!
Poll: Do you use reverse meanings
Poll: Do you use reversals?
Do you use a base card in readings?
Do you use Astrology when reading Tarot?

Reversals -- opinions, please
Other special techniques

Majors Only

Yes/No cards
My Yes/No Cards by Fudugazi
What card guarentees a "yes"

How to do a reading with all 78 Cards
Any advise on finding names or initials
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Significators - Solandia
Significator - Teal
Significators - Demonesse
Significator - Butterfly
A beginner question: Significators
Question regarding significators
Choosing a significator?
Choosing a Significator
Choosing a significator / the cowardly way
Significator = Zodiac / Major Arcana
Gift Card Becomes Signifier?
Zodiac signs, court cards, significators
Finding the significator
how important is it to use a significator card?
Choosing a significator according to the nature of the question
Must we find a Significator card for querent before reading?
Year, Soul, Personality, Shadow and Quint Cards

What is your Year Card - 2001 (MeeWah)
What is your Year Card - 2003 (joya250)
Personal card
Finding YOUR personal tarot card out of your deck
Personal Power cards
How do you work out Personality,Soul and Year Cards?
Key Cards
Lifetime Cards- Personality, Soul and year ñ how do we use them?
Soul - and personality card quickie...!
soul card/personality card
What was your Strength year like?
Offering to Help find your Soul/Personality/Year Card
What are your Tarot Birth Cards?
Year card - Wheel of Fortune
Shadow and Quint cards
Shadow Cards?
Base card
Shadow card?
What is a shadow card?
The card on the bottom of the deck?
shadow card
how to read a shadow card?
the card on the bottom of the deck?
Cards on the bottom of the deck
What are the base and quintessential cards for?
Do you use a base card in readings
shadow card significance
odd shadow cards
The bottom card, how do you read it
base card and 'top' card
shadow card
What is a Quintessence card and a Shadow Card?
top and bottom card interpretations?
Questions about personality/soul/shadow cards
shadow card?
Card at the bottom of the deck.


Questions about Pips

Non-illustrated pips
Studying non-scenic pips-The Elements
Studying Non-Scenic Pips - the number 9 and it's associations
Studying non-scenic pips - Divination System Methodology
Studying Non-Scenic pips: The Fives and the Water Element
Studying Non-Scenic Pips - Numerological Approaches
Studying Non-Scenic Pips - the 5s
Studying non-scenic pips - the Suits: Coins
Pips and Trumps
How to easily use non illustrated pips ( from the Knapp Hall method)]
Pip cards / Tarocco delle Vetrate
Old English Tarot's pips. Help!
New to unillustrated pip decks
Pictures vs. Symbols on the Pips
Pips: the meaning of the numbers


Numerological, elemental

Elemental correspondances
Numerology in Tarot?
Elements and Majors
Numerology and the Minor Arcana
Minors and numerological systems
Pips : Element and Numerology
Elemental Dignities
Elemental Dignities question
Elements and suits
The Temperament Experiment
swapping elements
Elemental Dignities... Neutral Cards?? Ill Dignified Cards??
Elemental Dignities: inversions

Tarot & the Zodiac
Natal Charts for Cards
Court Cards & Astrology - Help Please
Astrological Signs and Court Cards
Astrology and Tarot cards
The Combining of Tarot and Astrology
Major Arcana & Zodiac sign correspondences
Minors - Origin of Astrological Assignments
The Golden Dawn's astrological correlations to the Major Arcana
Astrological Associations

Seasons and the Suits
Seasons & Elements
Seasons of the Tarot?
Do suits represent seasons

Question about timelines and cards
Question re: spreads / timing / elementals
Poll - Whats the maximum time span you covered?
Just a matter of time
A matter of timing
Celtic Cross Time Telling
Timing Systems
Timing Events: any specific cards?
Question on time frames
Has anyone found particularly accurate method of telling time with the cards?
A question of timing...
An interesting way to determine time
An ultimatum
Nisaba's Timing Method

Healing with Tarots!
The Dr is in ? Tarot and health
Tarot for 'diagnosis'
Health Problems
Who is the doctor?
Tarot notes concerning health

Tarot cards as masculine and feminine

Diet and Tarot??
Flavours for The Cards....?

Animal associations?

Tarot Cards and Musical Notes
Musical Minors
Life Moments
Music & tarot correlation?

anger card

Wise sayings = Cards
Sexual orientation and the tarot
Cards for Moving & Relocation?
what cards are your LEAST favorite to see?
Cards that show the internet
Dealing with Death
Card Combo to predict physical death
imprisonment cards
Finding the "Positives" and the "Negatives"

Relationships between the Cards
Repeating Cards

Whose Journey is it?
It's not the Fool's Journey
The Fool's Journey
The Reversed Fool's Journey
Quabalists do the Foolís Journey Backwards
The Moonís Journey I
The Moons Journey II
The Moon's Journey III

Interpretation of the Majors Sequence ...
As Creative Process
As the Six Days of Creation
EPIPHANY! A New Take on the Major Arcana
Majors only - original
Layouts for Studying Major Arcana

Putting cards together
How do you read relationships between the cards?
How to connect the cards together
Interesting Tarot Pairs
Interesting Combinations using a three card system for courts
Funny Misinterpretations

Uses for Tarot
Does anyone use Tarot as a card game?9
What mnemonics and data sets do you use with your decks?
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How do you learn Tarot?
Advice for Beginners

Ways of learning Tarot
Learning the Tarot by Joan Bunning and The Rider Tarot Deck
Learning without the Rider-Waite Deck
How Often should I read?
Difficulty Reading New Decks
New to tarot cards - need some advice
Should beginners' emphasis be on book or cards?
Experts Advice To Newbies Dilemma

Learning the Cards
Study the cards
Learning the cards
How to learn ñ memorizing cards
How to learn your deck
got enough symbols?
Does anyone have tricks on how to remember the cards and their meanings?
UK Readers (memorizing with poems)
Fake a reading (reading for imaginary clients to practice)

Keeping a Journal
Tarot Journal
Tarot Journal
Tarot Journal Question
Keeping a Tarot Journal
How to keep a tarot journal
How do you journal your Tarot

Daily Readings
Daily Readings -AM? PM?
Questions about daily cards
Alternative to daily readings: for your notebook
Daily Cards
Daily Cards (Nexorious)
Daily Card (Gloria)
How do you choose your daily card?
Problem with Daily Readings
How do I find a daily reading to fit my lifestyle?

Exercise: 3 Card Daily as a Motto #2
Some peripheral considerations
What does the Tarot really show us?

The truth, or the reaction?
Reflections instead of readings?
Are all the cards both positive and negative?
Have we over complicated the cards?
Puzzled: Is Tarot a kind of energy exchange?
Meaning & Image
The One-Handed Shuffle

Intuitive versus Analytical Approaches
Analytical Readings
Trusting the intuition...

About using different tarot decks
Effect of style of deck on readings
Switching decks for readings
Differences In Decks- How Do You Read Them?
Index originally collated by firemaiden
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