How do you view psychic ablilitis, What do you think they are?

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Lightbulb How do you view psychic ablilitis, What do you think they are?

I was wondering how the everyone here views psychic abilities.
This is how I see them. "Psychic" ablities arent that much diffrent that our other senses (i.e. see, taste). I think they are extended senses of our soul so we can experince and interact with the spiritual world while we are here in a life. Everyone has psychic ability. But in our society we are "taught" from a young age that its just out "imagination" and we shut them down or block it off. Granted some people my be more "gifted" in other areas than some, but anyone can develope any ability they choose. If they have the patience and disipline for it. So what are your thoughts....Common what are you waiting for POST!
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Ok, when i was younger i had physic abilities, and everyone told me to ignore them. Well when i later decided to become wiccan, i found out my preminitions were not coming from inside me, but from an outside force. in doing research i have found out they are brought on by a faerie that has been by my side since i was born. I couldn't be happier with her either.... I love my penolope
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Ah another fae friendly! Ive got a few fairies that hang around me. Tink, and Areana. Tink goes around giggleing all the time, and Areana is just sassy lol. But Ive mostly got dragons around me for guideance. But Ive also got my twin flame Jasmin (love you).
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Cool. I don't know what else if following me, Penelope usually just kinda is the brightest and she usually chases them away from me
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i believe that all things are connected. everything is a part of one. imo, psychic abilities are our tapping into that universal.

i also believe that we have spirit guides, that can speak to us in various ways.
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Soap box

I think they are part of our survival instincts that as society becomes more "civilized" they became unused, forgotten and eventually became a myth. So many things have worked to stomp out this natural part of ourselves. Religion, technology, society and many other things have worked hard to make our psychic gifts seem some how wrong and evil. Just think how much more advanced we would be as a society if we threw out the taboo of being "psychic" and just accepted and used our gifts.

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From what I believe most psychic ability I see comes from oneself. The body really has 7 senses: Sight, feel, taste, touch, hear, spirit, and psychic. We were taught from an earlier age, as Whitedragon said, to ignore the last 2 senses. Also we can have other spirits talking to us that act as guides and aides, that help us in various ways.
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How do you contact the faeries?
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Maybe psychic abilities are just a form of sensitivity.

In my experience some people can tune in to what others are thinking and voice those thoughts or ideas. They may not even know some of their "original" thoughts are being broadcast to them from the people around them.
Others are more conscious of this ability in themselves and can control it to a certain extent.
Still others are mentally or spiritually in tune with forces outside themselves and relate to those forces accordingly.

We're all psychic.
Who hasn't, say, been eating at a restaurant and turned their head for no good reason, only to find themselves momentarily locking eyes with a stranger across the room?

It might even be a form of mental illness to constantly deny these "innate" thoughts and feelings!

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First, the on topic part ... then, the less on topic but related part :

The best analogy that I've ever heard for summing up my own personal view of psychic abilities was from John Edward. At a seminar, he likened psychic abilities to singing.

Everyone can sing.

Not everyone can sing so that other people might want to stick around and *listen*, but everyone has some capacity to sing.

Some people can sing well, from birth. They have a natural talent for it, and are perhaps drawn to singing all their lives.

They can just be a natural singer all their lives and enjoy that.

Or, with study and practice, they can turn a natural gift into a real and powerful instrument.

Different paths. Different skills. But I've latched on to that analogy because I find it quite close to how I feel about psychic abilities.

Now, somewhat related...

I also think that some of us are born with less of the spiritual and "psychic blinders" on. Or, for some others, the blinders can fall away later quickly when a sudden event or trauma triggers it.

I've been talking with my frined Joanne about these things as well. She says she has been told by her inner teachers that in this time, it has been decided (I still don't understand how or by whom, except that this is a council dedicated to matters here on the Earth Reality), in any case, it has been decided that
many people will be having that "psychic amnesia" lessen, at least as much as each personality might be able to handle.

In this crucial time of humanity, we need to find the "bigger picture" and quickly, she says. This basically means finding a greater compassion to balance out the other negative forces at work in our world (especially with what current religious dissention has wreaked).

I have noticed a gentle awakening happening in several people around me. And, I'm kind of awakening in new ways too, I think.

Makes ya think....
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