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Only a week behind!

Hi, friends. I'm determined to see this study through, even if a little late some weeks, so here we go!

Step 10, Book Meanings for the LS Manga 4 of Wands

I looked up meanings in the LWB by Riccardo, Book T, Waite, Mathers, Thierens, Crowley, Bunning, and Thirteen's Meanings. (All except the LWB are available online, so I obsessively cut and pasted the 4 fo Wands meanings into one doc, which is attached.) (Waite, Mathers, Thierens, Papus, and Ouspensky are available on http://www.sacred-texts.com/tarot/index.htm.)

The question, as always, is "What do I need to look at in my life today?" These book meanings "jumped out" at me:

Present, fleeting moment
Venus in Aries
Harmony, peace
Union, happiness, marriage
Family, home, cosiness, house, strong and solid
Observing a special time, taking part in a rite
Opening to new possibilities
Feel the joy of living
Break the bonds

Summary: Continuing on my self-improvement project, I realize that true awareness of the present moment, wonderful moment is THE most important thing to do. Everything else follows on to that. (I am a follower of Thich Nhat Hanh. One of his books of basic teachings is entitled "Present Moment, Wonderful Moment.") http://www.amazon.com/Present-Moment...6478824&sr=1-1

I have said I am interested in improving my relationship skills, so I was interested to see Venus in Aries. According to Jan Spiller's "Spiritual Astrology," I'm supposed to be leaving my Aries attributes behind (breaking bonds) and focusing on developing Libra qualities (balance). Which are all about relationships (Venus)!

Our house is currently under renovation (again!), and I need to deal with it without stressing out. Soon it will be strong and solid -- and cosy.

Taking part in a rite at a special occasion: To boost my self-improvement drive, I'm thinking of following another Jan Spiller book, "New Moon Astrology," which prescribes making wishes on each new moon.

Book Meanings that Match My Prior Meanings

Most of the book meanings match, such as: Celebration, special occasions, ceremonies, looking forward to something. Cheerfulness, happiness enjoyment. Gathering, concord, harmony, peace, tact and gentleness. Beauty, embellishment, grace. Theatrical arts, success, popularity, admiration. Completion of a thing built with trouble (the practice makes perfect thing), foundation, order, limitation, balance. Country life (nature).

Book Meanings that Don't Match My Prior Meanings

Some of these are pretty far out there: Memory, fantasy. Cleverness, reasoning. Vacilation, profanation (??). Insincerity, brooding and scheming.

These seem to be opposites: Unreliable, unsteady, anxious, hurried (opposite to practice and preparation). Change, unstable conditions. Freedom.

The excitement factor works within the celebration idea, but I would say going on to excitement itself, high spirits, surprise, spontaneous thrill doesn't really work with the number four.

These are closer to my prior meanings, but not actually touched on: Prosperity, advantage. Home, cosiness, repose, refuge. Law and government.

10.2. Question and Answer

Just one question!

Should I just chuck all this astrology-based self-improvement project, with nodes and moons and wishes, etc., and get down to the real deal--hard-core meditation and mindfulness practice 24/7?

Actually, I think the astrology angle is useful for focus. It's good to know what I should meditate ABOUT! It's not really a distraction to the spiritual life any more than anything else in life is a distraction. (An ongoing tarot study group, for example!) The wishing book even has sample wishes to improve ones meditation!

Self-awareness and being present in the moment will improve everything in life, most certainly relationships.

I had sneaked a peek at the LWB before, but today the few but lovely words for this card just JUMPED out at me! (Thanks, Riccardo!) And hey, I thought I just picked the PRETTIEST card for this study! More richness from this great study course!
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A study reminder for us all.

At this more-or-less half-way point in our "Apprentice-level" working with 21 Ways To Read A Tarot Card it might be time to start the process of reminding ourselves of some basic guidelines. This doesn't constitute a critique of anyone, its not to say anyone is doing some wrong, this is just a review of some important considerations as we constantly deal with new concepts, so that we don't forget some of what we have learned.

I'll bring up other "review points" as we move through future steps.

When using book interpretations to develop questions, don't turn the into "Yes" or "No" or "Choice" questions. These can be limiting in the way it focuses us on a narrower view or shuts out a broader range of possibilities.

If/when we find ourselves with yes-no-choice questions, we need to turn them into ones that ask What, Where, How, maybe even Who, or "In what way do I try to follow this (direction). . .

In talking with Mary she noted a standard interpretation of the Sun is "joy." Then compared the phrase "Do I feel joyful?" (answered with a yes or a no) with "Where in my life am I experiencing joy?" She noted that the latter immediately opens up the possibilities AND leads us to specific areas that the card is talking about and can be related to other cards and their real life referents.

I thought this was an excellent piece of advice. If anyone catches one of my posts or statements falling into this trap, please let me know. I want to make the most out of this book, this work, this unique opportunity to work with a like-minded group and even with Mary's occasional highly helpful observations.

Of all the study groups currently being pursued, this particular group and study is unique, being guided indirectly and directly by a real treasure of the tarot world. It's hard to top this opportunity for learning. Thank you all and to our guiding author. Dave
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Knight of Pentacles - Tarot of Prague

For me, it would be too easy to jump to another card. Empowered as you have made it, Dadsnook, I'm going to resist the temptation and stay focused on my Knight, who continues to provide new insights and fresh discoveries.

And I'm almost caught up!

I used Karen Mahony's accompanying book, along with Robin Wood, Rachel Pollock (from her Vertigo Tarot comments), Brian Williams, Juliet Sharman-Burke, and Mary Greer herself (from Tarot for Yourself).
** (Mahony) - Sensible and solid, "Not seeing the wood for the trees"
** (Wood) - Dependable help
** (Pollock) - Total dedication to a cause, especially when the cause is impossible or lost
** (Williams) - A responsible and hard-working person, efficient and persevering
** (Sharman-Burke) - Gradual progress, a symbol of patience and perseverance
** (Greer) - Stable and reliable but sometimes stubborn; striving to keep order and uphold standards

10.1.2, 10.1.3, and 10.1.4
Of my three questions in the last step, the one most currently applicable is the second "How can I learn to accept patience as a virtue?" Or, more directly, "What can I do to develop greater patience?" And what immediately jumped out at me was how Mahony's description was almost completely opposite of everything I'd previously seen in the card. A bit more from what she wrote: "you've always made sure that everything is done in exactly the right way -- and where has it got you?....Maybe this absolutely methodical way of doing things is right for you. But perhaps, just for once, you should let your hair down, let everything go hang, do something wild and have fun! You'll feel much better for it."

It doesn't seem to apply here...but the more I thought about it, the more relevant it seemed. I'm not methodical; I probably "let my hair down" a bit too much. So perhaps I'm a bit too obsessively unwilling to accept that aspect of myself, a bit too eager to change the essential "me".

Two writers used the word "perseverance", and that also jumped out at me. I don't tend to finish what I start, I don't persevere. That is a trait I certainly can develop.

So I take a twofold message from this: it's not necessary to get down on myself, to try to utterly change my essential being, but it can be helpful to develop the ability to persevere, to celebrate the joy and gratification of actually completing something I start. Be willing to make the "gradual progress" that Sharman-Burke mentions without denying a passionate commitment to the cause. Keep my passion high, stay focused, and don't let myself jump to something else.
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For whipsilk

You have certainly caught up quickly. Perhaps this personal marathon does represent your questions and issues noted in Step Ten. While all the work may not necessarily be methodical, it certainly represents "total dedication" (Polluck), "efficient and persevering" (Williams) and "upholding standars" (Greer).

You have also managed to show us all that we may often be procrastinating when it takes us a week or more to post one of these steps. Now I (we) have some work to do in reviewing all of your posts. I'll allow another extra day for that before moving on to Step Twelve. Ha. Dave
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21 Ways - Step Ten

Golden Tarot - Eight of Swords

Interpretations and meanings for a couple of books and the book that came with my deck.
.....Tarot For All Seasons by Christine Jette
_Letting go of ideas and negative thought patterns that bind.
_Liberation from oppressive situation due to courage to see things clearly and take appropriate action.
.....Introduction to Tarot by Susan Levitt
_Mental overwhelm, exhaustion, and confusion.
_Obtain clarity about what really requires you attention.
_Make a list of all the things to do that are overwhelming to you and only do two or three things from the list.
.....Book from Golden Tarot by Kat Black
_Disillusion and loss of hope
_A time of difficulty
_Indecisions could make matters worse
_Troubles ahead - illness or misfortune

“How can I change?”
Obtain clarity about what really requires you attention.

By practicing mindfulness and awareness.

I think this is good advice for all the meanings I developed in the previous steps.

Compare book meanings to my meanings.
_My meanings were -*Struggling with complex issues, *Conflicts over distribution of finances/workload/etc, *Grieving over past mistakes and personal faults, *Struggling to balance the demands of others and your own personal needs, and *Felling depressed from the restriction of your ideas by others.
_These are very similar to the meanings above -*Bondage, *Disillusion and loss of hope, *A time of difficulty, and *Mental overwhelm, exhaustion, and confusion.
_Other book meanings offer ‘Good Advice’ - *Letting go of ideas and negative thought patterns that bind. *Obtain clarity about what really requires you attention. *Make a list of all the things to do that are overwhelming to you and only do two or three things from the list. *Liberation from oppressive situation due to courage to see things clearly and take appropriate action.

_Sometimes we get into bondage through routine, or by our own blindness and mistakes, or sometimes through the thoughtless or premeditated words and actions of others. The point is, it’s up to us to get ourselves out of the trap and try to figure out how to stay free from further pits and snags.

Using book descriptions, turn each into a question and answer them.
…..Q: How have I let go of negative thought patterns?
…..A: By actively monitor my thoughts and keeping a positive attitude.

…..Q: When was I liberated from an oppressive situation due to having the courage to see things clearly and take appropriate action?
…..A: In a job situation, I was being taken advantage of. When I found out I was being lied about too, I immediately quit. I don’t have to take that kind of abuse.

…..Q: How can I obtain clarity about what really requires my attention?
…..A: Through setting priorities. By letting little things slide that really don’t matter. By meditating in the mornings before I start my day.

…..Q: Have I ever made a list of all the things to do that are overwhelming to me and only do two or three things from the list?
…..A: I do make lists, especially when I am feeling overloaded or have important things that I might forget.

…..Q: Where am I in bondage?
…..A: I try to avoid bondage by being mindful and maintaining a balance in my life. If I notice myself getting off track, I adjust my thoughts/attitude/behavior so as to avoid falling into a pit.
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Step 10 - Fantastic Menagerie

Card: The Star
Deck: Fantastic Menagerie
Card can be seen here: http://www.fantasticmenagerie.com/Majors2.htm

10:1.1. Look up meaings of selected card:

From FM Companion Book: peace, contemplation, light in darkness, optimism. Rx: despondency, turning away from action, partial healing, refusing to be optimistic.

From 78 Degrees of Wisdom: card of inner calm; innerself joyfully experiencing itself; inner senstivity combined with passion; the ibis is a symbol of the God Thoth inverntor of all arts, from poetry to pottery. Rx: closing ourselves off from the cards; calm and hope; experiencing weakness; impotence and fear; the water of life become damned up insude, so on the outside we can oly become tired and depressed.

10:1.2. Repeating the question and identifying giveaways in the interpretation.

I got a bit confused here because I am not sure what question this is referring to. The question in Step 1, or the queries from Step 9. So I ended up back to the initial question in Step 1 - What do I most need to look at in my life right now?

Giveaway interpretations from books: inner calm; inner self joyfully experincing itself; contemplation; light in darkness; optmisim; partial healing; turning away from action; experiencing impotence; the waters of life becoming damned up insude so we can only become tired and depressed.

10:1.3. Meanings that jumped out and summary of their message:

MEANINGS THAT JUMPED OUT: inner calm; inner self joyfully experincing itself; partial healing; turning away from action; experiencing impotence; the waters of life becoming damned up inside so we can only become tired and depressed.

SUMMARY OF MESSAGE: That I need to look at what makes me feel calm and integrated so that I can use that to work through the blocks that are making me feel a sense of hoplessness and helplessness in other areas of my life that are affected by these same influences. I have begun this process and achieved partial healing, but I must continue the process.

10:1.4. I found the book meanings to be pretty much the same as those that have come up in previous steps. In Steps 2 & 3 for example, inner calm and inner self joyfully experiencing itlsef were implied in the physical and emotional descriptions. Step 4, the story, brought out some of the same qualities of the description but there was also action involved (the fish hiding, the dragonfly ready to fly) that are contrary to the Star card as according to book meanings it is not a card of action. Steps 7 & 8 emphasized the upright qualities of the card meanings, while Steps 9 and 10 seem to be more focused on the reversed meanings for this card.

The reason for this range of positive and more challenging meanings of this card for me is indicative of dealing with several issues addressed by aspects of The Star card. So in the end my question "What do I most need to look at in my life right now?" needs to be broken into its components in order to really now what I need to look at. Another indication of this was in Step 4, the story, where I could identify with the Ibis-woman, the fish, and the dragonfly.

10:1.5. I will revisit this reading upon completion of the 21 Steps.

10:2. Turning meanings into questions, then answer the questions:

a) When do I feel inner clam? I actually feel inner calm most of the time. I experience extreme inner calm when near or in the ocean, when alone, when out in nature, when working with tarot and my oracles, reading, and other enjoyable activities.

b) Where have I experienced partial healing? In my spirit. In becoming more one with myself, accepting and nurturing the different parts of me that make me who I am. Standing up more for myself when needed, where I used to simply take what ever blame in order to avoid confrontation. Becoming a stronger person.

c) How did the waters become damned up? I accepted certain behaviours by others and allowed them to become habits. My defense mechanism just prompeted me to crawl into my own shell and not speak up in order to avoid escalating situations and making the confrontations louder and verbally more abusive.

d) When am I experiencing impotence? I let myself be bullied and be projected on way too long, so long that I am not sure how to open the damn without it flooding the plains and causing more damage than has already been done. My spouse knows that yelling and screaming shuts me down, and really upsets me, so that is what he does when he wants to hurt me or project his own hurts and insecurities on me. Everything I have tried at some point ends up back on me. I just don't know what else to do, or if anything can be done to solve this.

Again, these 4 questions deptict two different parts of my life. One is mental, the other spiritual. But the spiritual is again divided in two, areas where I have progress, and areas where I feel hoplessness. This is the aspect that needs to be consolidated into a whole.
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For Jewel or anyone else who can respond to this.

Is it possible for you to either scan your card or point to a site where we could see a picture of your card. It sounds quite intriguing and I'd like to have the image so that I could better understand your posts and comments. Thanks, Dave
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Dave, I do not own a scanner, but here is the page from the Fantastic Menagerie web site that has the card http://www.fantasticmenagerie.com/Majors2.htm

All the cards are dispalyed at that site. I do wish I could scan only the appropriate ones and attach them to each post as needed, but not to be. I will however make sure that all future posts include that web address. I do agree with you that being able to see the cards people are talking about would be really nice. Hope the link helps.
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Originally Posted by dadsnook2000
Sept TEN
** I choose a new card! The reasons for doing so.
** New card description.
** Step 10 challenges.

I now have several new projects going, foremost is the final preparations for my new astrology book on predictive methods, second is two more writing ventures to outline, third is working with a software developer to have these methods incorporated into software, fourth is to divest ourselves of a summer beach cottage we've had for over 30 years to focus on another phase of our life.
I am just curious, how did you select your new card? did you do a 3 card layout as was done in Step 1, or did you consciously select it based on the goings on in your life right now?

By the way congratulations on everything done and everything going on! Sounds like a very exciting time in your life!!!
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21 Ways to read a tarot card - Step 10

I almost changed my card but feel we have made progress together, so in the end I decided to stay with The Lovers.

Step 10.1a Look up meanings for your card from several sources.

~ Mirror of the Soul Handbook – Gerd B Ziegler – The Lovers are an expression of opposites that yearn for and are attracted to each other. The duality reflected in every aspect of existence is experienced existentially in the love relationship between man and woman. In dynamic relationships, we meet all the opposites: attraction and jealousy, harmony and discord, unity and separation, vulnerability and disillusionment.
~ Thirteen's Observations - The Lovers is a confusing card as it is ruled not by an emotional water sign but by airy Gemini. Gemini is the communications sign. It's all about messages and making contact; also, as it is the twins, about finding your other self. When this card appears, you are being told to trust you instincts, to choose this career, challenge, person or thing you're so strongly drawn to, no matter how scary, how difficult, irrational or troublesome.
~ Wikipedia - The Lovers shows a young man and woman; most usually side by side, and often naked. The sun shines directly overhead, underneath, which is a winged figure with arms spread.
~ Toni Allen - The Lovers tarot card sits at number 6. It is not a card concerned with earthly love and which lover we might choose. It is a symbol of spiritual love and our love for the truth. It represents discrimination.
~ Learn Tarot - establishing bonds,feeling love,forming a union or marriage
acknowledging kinship,sympathizing with another,getting closer,making a connection,being intimate,seeking union,experiencing desire,opening to another,figuring out where you stand,staying true to yourself,struggling with temptation,choosing between right and wrong,facing an ethical or moral choice,refusing to let ends justify means,finding out what you care about.

Step 10.1b Refresh your mind about a question that is paramount in your mind.

Question ~ What do I need to look at in my life right now? (Step 9)
Ans ~ I liked and related to thirteen’s observations on The Lovers - trust your instincts, to choose person or thing you're so strongly drawn to, no matter how scary, how difficult, irrational or troublesome!!! (so true for me at the moment)

Step 10.1c List the meanings that jumped out at you.

**The Lovers are an expression of opposites that yearn for and are attracted to each other.
** forming a union or marriage, figuring out where you stand, choosing between right and wrong,
**you’re being told to trust your instincts.

Step 10.1d Compare book meanings to my meanings.

My meanings ~ Co-operation, Choice, Balance, Opposites attract, Union of differences.

Book meanings ~ we meet all the opposites, choose this career, challenge or person, opposites that yearn for and are attracted to each other.

Meanings I hadn’t considered ~ it represents discrimination, staying true to yourself, struggling with right and wrong, refusing to let ends justify means.

I will post second part when I get home later.

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