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the Arrow>the Shot>the Silent! What a great combo...didn't even see that! that's perfect!

I'm supposed to be doing some things as well...and not sitting here playing with my sweet little CLOW friends!

Oh...and when you speak of them changing and still remaining individual entities...well...of's magic!

but also...have you ever thought of the titles as being exactly that...titiles?
Like there are many different girls who are The Power...but only one holds the title at any given time.

She embodies it...but that isn't all she is.
That makes it possible for the figures on the cards to change (why sometimes I see them as male...and other times female) I think It's because I see them holding that title or office for now...but then moving on...leaving, being promoted... what have another(similar being) can take its place!
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Imagine some of these combos coming up in readings!!!

I'm doing a gig tonight and it is small, only four people including the hostess and I'm so tempted to do some Clow readings.

But I don't know how they will take to the little girl look of the cards!
Should I do it??? I'm nervous....I'm going to use the Victorian Romantic for the readings...not sure how the Clow might fit in....

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I didn't bring the Clow tonight! Instead I played wiht the Universal Fantasy and the Victorian Romantic, but I got home and picked up the Clow! I'm sorting again....
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Yeah, I have been sorting mine too.

Cos i have been doing the like dislike excercise.

I have also been thinking of Chronata idea of some being the older versions of other cards.

Which is very interesting.

I have also been looking on the net, checking something I thought.

There are two versions of the return.
One she has an hour glass, like the Time.
The other (mine) she has a clock.

There are other differences I have seen, but that is the only one where it seems to be a significant change.

You also get differences like more or less paths shown in the maze.

These are all in the non pink sets.
The pink ones have their own differences (mainly the extra cards)

Still, they are all pretty much the same.
It's just me doing my nerdy thing.
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Is there anyone else interested in these cards here anymore? I found an old orange set in the plastic case and am intrigued. I want to start of "Deck of the Month" study in January with this deck and wonder if anyone else would like to join in earnest.
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Well, this is a quite an old thread, but I am definitely interested. To be honest my interest was first sparked by the anime, when I watched it as a little girl. The plot really captured my attention, and I really wanted to be Sakura. Hehe.

As I grew up and kept going back to the anime, the cards started to draw my attention more. I was fascinated by the concept of spirits living in the cards, going on big adventures with their owner, being friends and protectors.

I have to couple this with I had also started on the occult path from a young age, and gradually developed my specialties and interests. Part of me started going towards tarot, but the more I looked at decks, the more distinterested I became.

Finally, it clicked about four years ago that there was a connection between my perpetual interest in the anime, cards, and my occult tendencies. I made my first deck by printing own the images, backing them with plain black paper, and laminating them. However, the lamination greatly extended over the edge of the cards making them verrry difficult to shuffle. Four years later, I saw actual decks being sold online and decided to get a deck. Since them I've been using them exclusively and have been really impressed at how spot on the readings have been for me.

I deduce from this thread that there's about three people who use them on AT? Would there be any interest in restarting the study group? I'd love to grow and explore with a bunch of like minded people. I have both the Japanese translation of the book and a Chinese version that I can read, I'd love to be able to learn about the deck with others.
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I just got a set of these! Trimmed by shadowdancer! She included some meanings printouts, regular and reversed. The box is red, the lower left corner has a red circle with an anime character dressed in blue who holds out his hand (showing 2 fingers?)

There are 52 cards (thank goodness for the English titles and numbers) and I'm noticing different colors of Oriental characters as well as stars. Where should I start? (and without worry of viruses, etc)
Attached Images
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more info on my cards

24 of them are marked with colored "Star of David" stars in the lower right corner:

Dark, Shadow
Fly, Jump
Little, Big
Dream, Sleep
Earthy, Watery, Firey, Windy
Light, Glow
Voice, Song
Wood, Flower
Shield, Sword
Snow, Rain, Cloud, Mist

ETA: I am going to post the card meanings for each of the 52 cards that I have. Please note that it is not my own work, just wanting to share since so many sites are returning 404 errors, or worse- making my system hang opening window after window after window!
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All 52 of shadowdancer's description threads are posted.
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Is anyone still interested in The Clow?
I joined this site just for that haha.

I remembering watching the Anime, but never saw much of it, a few episodes here and there. And where I lived they showed it in Spanish [ in a English-speaking country, go figure.] And even though the Anime was cute and all, its the cards that drew me in. Not entirely cause the transformed, i just watched it just for the cards. How odd.

But I have the American deck I bought years ago, and I'm looking to order the original purple and gold themed deck.

So anyone still active on exploring this deck? Maybe a buddy?
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