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Mykalle Alexandria 
About the clow/sakura cards...

I have the official translated version of the clow card meanings and spreads (of course you can change it to your liking, just like with tarot) Email me if you want it. Oh and they're PDF format. (install abode flash) Hope everyone has a magickal day XD
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Hey all!

Hey, is anyone still on this forum? I've had my Clow Cards for a while but I have only just started using them for readings. I was wondering what people thought about the Clow Cards being Reversed when laid out. Do you just ignore that, or does it change the meaning for you? The official book doesn't mention that.
I've noticed that using my Clow Cards absorbs more of my energy than when I use my normal tarot cards, I wonder why?
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Heads up!

Originally Posted by Aviloria View Post
I have found this Adobe reader file in what each card means and different spreads and such like!
Originally Posted by cardlady22 View Post
Just a possible heads-up: my McAfee gives me a red warning bar for rapidshare, but not the megaupload
Megaupload was raided and shut down.,3890060.story
In one of the U.S. government's largest anti-piracy crackdowns ever, federal agents on Thursday arrested the leaders of and shut down, a popular hub for illegal file sharing.
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Question Question!

I created a thread about the clow cards but I haven't gotten a reply yet, so I thought I'll try here.

The link is:
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