Manga Tarot: The Wheel

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Manga Tarot: The Wheel

This is the only card with all of the elements on it. Winter is in blue, summer is in red, spring is in yellow, and fall is in green. Kneeling in front of the wheel is a man in nice clothes facing a kneeling woman in a blue kimono (I don't think I spelled it right ) The man holds a crown and she appears to be holding sand.

The main color of the card is blue.

Any idea what this card means??? Why the woman holds something less valuable than the man? yet, sand comes from earth, an element? What are your ideas?


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The eight-spoked wheel brings to my mind the eight seasonal sabbats or festivals celebrated during the year by Pagans and Wiccans. A different seasonal glyph is placed in each quarter of the wheel. The man offers a crown, while the woman has nothing to offer but sand. I see this as signifying the constant changes of fortune to which we are all subject to. One moment a prince, the next a pauper.
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The sand makes me think of a hourglass. The crown can mean present success. But no one wear the crown, it is only in the man of the man. The couple is looking each other in the eyes. They don't seems to care about what they are holding.
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