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In the Witches Runes book called Rune Mysteries by Silver Ravenwolf, (yes I have rune cards, I'm a disgrace) her book corresponds the runes to each Norse god, colors, trees, totems, stones and treasures. The book even though it is to go with my rune cards, I use it with my rune stones to help gain further clarity.

I used her color correspondences when I was painting my own rune stones. If you want I can post them or email them when I have time unless it is too blasphemous! hehe

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Originally posted by Kirali
(yes I have rune cards, I'm a disgrace)
You are not a disgrace! If the rune cards work better for you, then by all means, go for it!
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Kirali you blasphemous little snippit! You saucy elf-skinned hugger-mugger! How dare you not follow the hollowed tradition of…er…uh…

You know, it matters not a whit what others think. You know what matters? What you feel – and what you know in your heart to be right - well - and true.

Do the runes work for you? That is all that matters. Did you make them out of plastic? I shall have to hunt thee down you little bawdy dizzey-eyed cancer blossom! Sorry…

Sometimes we get so wrapped up in our ‘tradition’…we become the very lumping ill-nurtured scut’s that vex us so.

Can you post a few pics for us? You little unmuzzeled folly-fallen giglet…
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Ah a couple of my remarks were tongue in cheek of course! The rune deck I have is done by Silver Ravenwolf and Nigel Jackson and I love Nigel Jackson's art work!

I don't use the rune cards very much as they are large and difficult to shuffle. I use the book with my rune stones!

You can see the cards here.

They're very pretty but again I use the book a lot more. However, I don't like the slightly changed rune names. ie: Eoh for Eihwaz. I copied the names (the version with all the Z's) from a website long ago so the slightly altered version in the book takes a little getting used to!

Anyway here's the color list according to the book Rune Mysteries by Silver Ravenwolf!

Fehu: golden red
Uruz: green-brown
Thurisaz: red
Ansuz: dark blue
Raidho: red
Kenaz: orange, amber
Gebo: emerald green
Wunjo: purple, green
Hagalaz: blue
Nauthiz: black
Isa: white
Jera: red, green
Eihwaz: dark green
Perthro: dark purple, red, white, black
Elhaz: silver-blue
Solwilo: golden-white
Tiwaz: crimson
Berkano: white, green
Ehwaz: orange-red
Mannaz: white, red, green
Lahguz: pale blue-green
Ingwaz: yellow
Othala: gold-green
Dagaz: white brilliance

Hope that helped!
~Kira with the weird humor
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Thank you, thank you, Kirali!!!

Now those stones may get painted after all.

And I may look for that rune card set. I love Nigel Jackson's artwork.

-- Kyrielle
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