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Lightbulb Chinese Bamboo Sticks

My friend bought a set of Chinese Bamboo Sticks from a yard sale, and then used him... He didn't like them but I loved them... He's kinda the lazy one who doesn't want to do to much work other than just lay the things down and read.... I was wondering if any of you have them? They are a bunch of sticks that have markings on them... and cards and a book to go with the markings... Just wondering...

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First time I heard of bamboo sticks uesd as a form of divination....Interesting
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maybe he used the bamboo sticks as a substitute for the yarrow stalks usd in I CHING.
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Perhaps you're talking about "Chinese Fortune Sticks?" They were designed by Zhao Xiaomin and Martin Palmer. But maybe you're not, because mine don't come with cards.

I bought Kiama's off her, when she was selling off all her stuff, and I'm really glad I did.

I have not used the sticks yet for serious divination. But I have studied the book and it seems really a marvellous way of doing divination. I'll quote the first paragraph of the introduction:

"Ironically, the greatest forms of Chinese divination rely entirely upon chance, on you having no influence over what happens. This is not the same as fate, which (as we shall see) has little place in Chinese divination. Chinese fortune-telling is based on chance, on abandonment of all attempt to control the future or your fate. It requires that you allow yourself to float free on the waters of chance and change, supported by the forces of yin and yang and travelling only the Way of the Tao - the Way of Nature".

Then there's a long chapter about Chinese Divination and Sticks, where you learn all sorts of interesting information, philosophy, deities, things like that. Then the explanations for the sticks are divided into three sections: a Chinese poem, a traditional interpretation, and a reflection.

Very nice indeed. And on top it, mine come from Kiama, which makes them extra special.
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Please let us know what you think of them. I've seen them befor, but have not had the opportunity to look at them up close. Maybe you can do a reading for someone and post it for us, so we can see it in action.
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