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wow! you described that so well, and so beautifully, new river!

i also talk to trees. at least once a week i even go to one of them for healing. i always ask permission first. i can feel their answers, deep inside. i also talk to other plants, insects and animals. when the wind answers i can feel it's answer. fire gives visual answers. i can't say i've heard the earth or stones answer, but i treat them with respect and speak to them anyway. maybe someday i will learn to hear them.
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New River,
Thankyou for sharing your beautiful story.
I was so into your post that I read it 3 times!!!
It's funny, but I have never really "listened" to nature, I just love being around it whenever possible. The only time nature has made me stand up and take notice of it, was in a couple of very wild storms, I had to be outside, I couldn't explain it, but I just had the strong feeling it was telling me something, and I felt weird, i wasn't scared of it but it's wild and powerful force gave me a feeling that nature is taken for granted and should be respected in all its wonder.
So this is why I just love storms, they make me stand up and notice, and remind me we are very connected to nature on some level.


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New River.
When I read your post, I felt the pain you'd felt that time, but also the love you are talking about. A new interesting area has come into my life. Or, it has probably been there the whole time, without me seeing it the way I do now. I'm looking forward to exploring. And I'm a bit afraid...

I know there's nothing to be afraid of, but these things always make me nervous in some way. I'll keep you up to date.

I'm still very interested in knowing if any else experience this.

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New River: (What more is there to say, except that my heart was deeply touched by your story.)

Aeonx: Afraid? All you are doing is going home. Is that so scary? The only "scary" part is that you don't know the roads you have to follow to get there, and the unknown can make us feel insecure.

But you will be guided. You are not alone. Never.
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As some of you know I recently moved to a completely different part of the US. One of the things I had to resign myself to was moving away from the wild meadow behind my house and the big maple tree in my yard.
I could go into my backyard and be completely cut off from people's eyes, even though I was only 75 yards or so from a busy street. It was wonderful.
But I had a special connection with the maple tree. I'd go out there if I felt down and just sit on the ground with my back against it and feel better.
There were many times when I felt drawn, for no reason I could tell, to go stand next to it and just lay my hand on a branch.
I was easy for me to move from my friends and work, but very hard to say goodbye to the meadow and "my" tree. About the time I got serious about moving I went into the backyard and told them I was leaving. I was actually crying but immediately felt comforted by them. I heard them telling me that they would miss me too, but it was time to leave.
As much as I love it here, I haven't found that connection yet. I'm much more in the city, but there are trees all over here!! I went out hiking the other day and had a ball!! I haven't found a close connection like I had before, but felt very comfortable with nature here!!!
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new river and faunabay, such a beautifull stories...i understand them deeply, my heart cried...i myself just love nature...i always talk to them in my head but don't expect an answer back, maybe i have to listen more...

a little story:
i have respect for every living being, a while ago when i had my exams i had a huge bag standing next to my study-desk, at sudden time it was fallen, a few days later my boyfriend took it up and saw a dead spider under it, dead by the falling down of my bag...i felt so sad, responsible, even a little afraid, it haunted me, i became affraid of spider immensly, after a while i asked to forgive me and then the haunting stopped...

much succes on your exploration!!!
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I don't know how long this link will work
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Diana, thank you again for your comforting words. It's true that the unknown scare us. One that so brilliantly portays this, is Jack London in 'White Fang'. His writings are some of the best ones I know of, especially since he manages to create such vivid images. His story of how the little wolf cub emerges from the inside of the hive for the first time, made me feel a bit familiar to it. Read the story guys, it's great.

faunabay: I imagine that you spent some time with your special tree, maybe it has been in your life forever, and the more time one spends with a loved one, the greater the affection becomes. Give your new place (and trees) some time, and I'm sure you'll achieve a connection again.

rostie: I'm working on my listening right now, and thank you for the encouragement!

Umbrae: This story about the lioness and the oryxes was truly impressing, and might as well been derived from a book of London. Wow. Nature works in mysterious ways sometimes...

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Originally posted by Umbrae

I don't know how long this link will work
This is such a strange story! It looks like this lion adopts the calves even while their Mothers are still alive????? That's very unusual! Great story! Thanks for the link!
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That story kind of reminds me of the saying in the Bible that the Lion will lay down with the lamb, in refrence to the end times. Very beautiful story, I love it when nature does the unexpected and impossible. Reminds me of her power.
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