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Free Online Tea Leaf Reading

Just visit and click on the link that says "Consult The Tea Leaves."
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too funny! And charming. I don't type my name in on commercial sites, so I used a alternative, chose hiphuggers and taupe. In spite of being a square peg in their teapot I got:

A little bird told me good news is coming

That's a great vid of how to get your leaves to a reading position...
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Mine was "try a little sweetness?"/ Have I been sour lately? Lol
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That's great- did you notice that the translator's eyes follow the cursor arrow around?

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I got I see you at a beautiful wedding, playing the kazoo.
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OKay so I had to try and is probably the only way you're going to get me to drink tea...I got this:

Tomorrow's mail will bring a love letter

Which seriously made me laugh. A) I am excepting a shipment to come tomorrow full of new toys for other people....I bought several things to give away. B) Is my bday is coming up here in less then two weeks so I'm kinda excepting birthday cards. C) My ex-husband is sending me a letter to acknowledge child support payments. D) Also part of a tarot exchange....hmmm...wonder what goodies I'll get tomorrow.

Now would I be completely floored it was a very traditional sappy love letter...'fraid so because I don't know anyone that is sending me one. However it would be damn fun to get it!
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"I see a kangaroo, life will soon be hopping"

This had me in stitches because I work with children and we were talking about Australia today... naturally the first thing they did was start jumping around like Kangaroos!
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mine said, "You are under great stress right now, switch to the decaf for awhile!" Gee, does it show that much???!
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"For you, the tea leaves spell jmxnfhrk" What is that supposed to mean????

I did it again and it said, "You left the water running in the tub." I checked but no water running.

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No way!

How come you guys got predictions and I got this, translated from the original gibberish:

"I see you performing the Indian rope trick"

oooooh - maybe it means I'll go to India Thanks weird dude
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