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Today he says for me: "I see you at a beautiful wedding, playing the kazoo!"

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Glass Owl 

Just a reminder to check out for your free tea leaf reading.
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OMG thanks!

I always enjoy free online oracles/divination
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This was so funny, thanks for the link: The first answer I got was that I would receive a love letter in tomorrow's mail. I was in shock...but only for a moment, when I did it again and he said he saw me riding a camel. What a beautiful site. Thanks for posting it.

P.S. this entire thread is hilarious and made my night so much better. You guys are great.
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It is quite a funny thread

I got:
"You have been walking around in a dream, but soon you will Awake"

That sounds sooo applicable to my situation!

LOL that bloke that was speaking right before I consulted the translator talked like $#%$^%^&U$#$!!!!

What would we do without the translator?
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my good luck just called and said it would be 20 min late



but - yes very funny tried a few just now..

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"I see a dark stranger approaching"

I just looked behind to see if someone was entering my room XD
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Lol at Traveller I got the same one. I see an Elephant. Too funny.
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Oh Great ... I got ...

"The tea leaves are all mixed up - try again" ..
then I got
"Be cautious"

then I got ...

"Take the next left, go through two lights, and its the first place on your right" ...

Heck ... if I left my place now, I could actually do that!!
there is a set of traffic lights after I turn left, and then a set after them ... I'll have to check out 'the first place on my right' ... LOL!!

Bwahah ... the last one is

"you are about to trip ... I mean take a trip" ...

I've been making his eyes spin around with the cursor ...
this sight is tooooo funny!
Thats an very creative program theyve got there!
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That's too funny! It said "I may soon get a job washing teacups", just now I had to make sure I ran the dishwasher because we don't have any glasses to drink out of (I forgot when I left this morning). I had barely enough dishwasher soap...and no dish soap. I guess I'd better get to the store
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