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Adept Level One

using the Druidcraft Tarot
Who am I? 4 of Cups
Oh, disappointed. 4C is all wrapped up in his own feelings - inattentive to what is going on around him. Oh, wait! that is me right now!

Who do I want to be? Knight of Swords
Oooh, exciting! I smile. All action and determination, and acting on thoughts and beliefs. Can't keep him down! The TS knows his own ideas and ideals and doesn't hesitate.

How can I get from 4C to TS? 7 of Wands
Sit up straighter and take a breath. Stand up for what I believe. Defend my own ideas against all who challenge me. Be confident and strong.
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21 Ways...Adept 1 RWS

The way of the Adept

1-3 Who am I?

Five of Pentacles: Disappointed, I thought I was in a better place. Then I realized that I am concerned about the economy. After all, I’m trying to help a grandchild through college. That’s who I am right now. Must remember my affirmation: “I’m living my life courageously.” Therefore, I’m not concerned about the economy. Some work to do here.

Queen of Wands: Big smile, I absolutely love her, and would love to be her. She holds my favorite flower, sunflower. I thought. I’m going to an interview for a volunteer job that I want, so she’s perfect. I think I can be more like her as I leave the shadow of the Emperor behind.

Four of Wands: More smiles, lots to celebrate, I’m happier now than I have been in the last three years. My youngest son just had his first child. My grandson, who’s in college, is beginning to get the hang of it and is doing much better this semester. My interviewing for the volunteer job. It’s all coming together.

Six of Swords: a little downer, smile gone, BUT! New cycle, new beginning, new challenges. I’m so there and I’m up for it. Smiles, a feeling that all will be well.

will have my grandson draw a card later today.

After much cutting and shuffling my grandson pulled Four of Pentacles. No immediate response then a sort of sly smile, asked what he was feeling he said, “not much, maybe I should share more” personally, I think he was nailed.
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The proper approach to drawing a card for yourself, for reading for another, is given prior to Step 1:3. Part of the process is to understand how you feel, to be aware of your body and your place in the space around you.

** Acitivity 1:3 is to shuffle our chosen deck and ask, "Who am I?" Draw a card, turn it over, say it's name, and self-observe your reactions. These are all noted in more detail in the book. As we learned at the Apprentice Level, these seemingly simple steps are important.

** Have another person draw a card for the same question. Note their reactions. Explore those reactions and thoughts.

ace of wands
a sense of “not much happening here.”
later – mesmerized by the sway of the large S-shaped vine around the big fat wand.

ace of pentacles
“another ace.”
a bit threatened by the colour combinations. lots of dirtyish purple on a background that fades from yellow into blue

shuffling, hoping for “something more interesting.”

seven of pentacles
“what a letdown.”
“more of that purple!”

shuffling. hoping for “something more interesting” but also hoping for a different reaction on my side

reyne de coupe (queen of cups)
“ah, i like the queens in this deck.”
“she’s different from the queen of wands” (who i looked at yesterday)
leaning into her, wanting to look more

have another person draw a card:
la papesse (high priestess)
the person who drew the card thought it was interested that it was that one because “la papesse” looks like a nun, and she is working on the crew of “the sound of music” right now, and had just talked about the nuns there.

she also noticed the background – a faintly tuscan one, with rolling hills, a church, etc. it reminded her of one of her favourite childhood books, “strega nona”, about an italian witch (they’re called stregas) who prepares her young successor to be the new village healer.

she described the card as “nurturing”.

we then spent a bit of time talking about the differences and similarities between pagan and christian belief systems.
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Dreaming Way Tarot

(Guess who has their Bluetooth keyboard finally!! .... Now, eventually a mouse too I hope)

Ok Step 1, Adept
I ended up drawing 4 cards. The last two....well one was just "there"

I am.... 5c .... I was surprised (because despite extensive shuffling, this card showed itself in step 12 apprentice as well) and relieved. It isn't the 9 or 10 of swords. (I haven't drawn much about who am I because of those two stalkers). I feel contemplative, thoughtful

I am.... 7w .... I feel like this is what is *expected.* Determined, stand my ground, rise above. I lean back, get a better view, despite being able to see the whole of the card. This card *feels* right (but so does 5c)

I am.... The Empress. I shuffled with my eyes closed for over 2 minutes (through an instrumental meditation song). When I opened them this card was laying, face up, right side up, almost perfectly centered and squared on the page I was writing on. I don't always pay attention to "jumpers" but this is one of the times I think I should.

Immediate reaction: brows furrowed, *hmmm* escaped from lips, puzzlement and surprise, but calm breathing.

(Bonus card) The card I drew from the top of the deck after shuffling during the song. I felt the need, since Empress just landed itself on my journal page.

I am.... The Star. I am confused, and curious. I don't think I've ever drawn either of these two cards when asking along the lines of *who am I*. So I lean back, look at the two cards, and list similarities and differences.

1. They are both pregnant
2. They are both blond
3. One has water, the other grain, water is needed for grain.
4. Along those lines, one is definite royalty, the other is more a peasant.

Here I stop. Now is not the time for that kind of analysis.

1B) My daughter as the querant.

You are.... The Chariot.
You were sitting on your bed. You smiled and leaned forward, and giggled. You said that this "looks like a fun person." I had never though of the card along the lines of "fun." (The expression on the boy/man's face isn't jovial exactly, more like breathless with closed eyes. But that is my vision, not hers.)
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