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Oh Dear

Dont Know WHAT happened there bec, My computer is having a stroppy day. Perhaps it means having 3 replies you will be ESPECIALLY lucky eh?
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Thank you
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Originally Posted by mystic mal

You have been perhaps overly committed to a relationship with a relative,a loved one or a colleague. Making too many concessions can wear you out. You must take hold of yourself and consider your own interests.Developing a sense of self pride would be a wise thing to do in this case.
This is pretty spot on for me. I chose 289 as it was my house number when I lived with my parents. I was very wrapped in cotton wool and become overly dependent on them. I did as I was told, and in a way I guess was a little subordinate. I was the same with my work at the time.

I've since moved on and broken free from my parents and have resigned from my job. Not anywhere near as subordinate now!
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You are inclined to celebrate physical appearances and the beauty of shapes and designs.No matter what area of life is it artistic creation,a sexual relationship,or friendship...form is of the utmost importance to you.You should develop and nurture your artistic sense in relation to your surroundings.
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Originally Posted by mystic mal

You will soon face a challenge created by a person or a situation.You must carefully evaluate what is at stake here.In this particular case,it might be best not to react at all. It is up to you to be the judge of this.
Yes, there is such a person and situation which could prove to be a major problem if I don't watch my step.

Thank you
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Originally Posted by mystic mal

You will be faced with a delicate situation after having discovered a secret concerning someone close to you. You will be torn between the desire to reveal and to hush up what you found out. Two people trust you and you will have to choose to be loyal to one or the other.A sticky dilemma.
Ugh... I HATE dilemmas!!!! Thank you! Hm... Sounds like something that I can at least emotionally prepare for... I'll try to remember to post when the "Ah, here it is moment" happens.

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Originally Posted by mystic mal

You are about to discover that you have a talent for uniting people.You have the knack of creating an atmosphere of solidarity.The task before you is a difficult but necessary one. You must act with force and determination.
... and i thought this is going to be like one of those online tea leaf readings
mystic mal, thank you for sharing the wisdom from the "old book with no cover and no title."
Honestly, being an uncompromising idealist, i have this potential to unite people over an idea or a task; not sure myself whether it's a gift or a curse because often myself i get dis-illusioned in the ideas i used to believe so firmly...
Good to know it's necessary
Very deep stuff, thank you
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can i have another go?

725 please

your last reading to me was spooky - i didnt like the advice but it was v interesting as the issue was in my mind at the time
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You will have to look for some associates or partners to help you stabalize a situation you are in. Your spouse or someone in your immediate circle could fill the bill quite nicely.What you must accomplish has simply become much too great for you to handle on your own.Dont hesitate to ask for help.
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