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Originally Posted by mystic mal

Your involvement in a group seems to have been based on self interest.This in itself is not negative but dont expect to gain full satisfaction here.You would derive a lot of benefit from reviewing your position as well as the meaning of your commitment.
The image of this number is a beehive.
The spirit of cooperation becomes law in the lives of the bees as well as in our society as a whole.Each member engages in a specific activity upon which the others depend.Give of yourself and recognise individual talents.
Thank you sweetie, so sorry I took so long!

lol funny thing is I do these yearly readings and it seems to be combined here with this 5 swords I had gotten and asked help upon. No doubt!... because I am not usually a person that just does things without considering others feelings, but when it comes to a certain issue in my life of being trapped, that's all I can do is to think of myself anymore so I can get out. I get it, I just hope I didn't confuse you.

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Hi there mystic mal...Are you still offering numerology readings (fingers crossed)? If so, I wondered if you wouldn't mind interpreting another number for me when you have the time. Your interpretations for numbers that I've picked in the past have been quite accurate and I'm in need of a little clarity at the moment .

The number that came to mind today is: 257

Thanks for your time and effort mystic mal!

p.s. just looked to see what my previous numbers were and realized that I have once again picked a number very similar to the others...I'm stumped as to why these are the ones that come to mind immediately but I believe that is how the number should be picked; whatever pops into your mind right?? Let me know if you feel another number combination would be better for this reading. thanks again
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I don't know if you are still doing this, but I am curious as to see how this works out. If it's still open then the number I pick is... 689
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