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May I please try? 398, if you have the time. If not, no worries! I am intrigued

Em xx
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Originally Posted by mystic mal

Some people you know have suggested that you make a sacrifice that you believe would cause you to suffer a loss of dignity.dont let yourself be swayed by their arguments even if you fall short of their expectations.
Sorry, nobody in my circle has suggested anything at all, we look out for each other.
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Thanks mystic mal!

The grass always looks greener for me, but when I let go
and appreciate what I have, I realize that the grass on my
side of the fence is just as green!

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Originally Posted by mystic mal

When the Wheel of Destiny has turned full circle,something inevitably ends,school, a love affair,a trip,or a project. Something has definitely come to a close here. Once this has ended,a new cycle will be set in motion,complete with its own numerous benefits.
hmmm. well, there are always beginnings and endings in everyone's life, so not sure exactly what this is about. Thank you Mystic Mal.
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Originally Posted by mystic mal

A muscle cramp or some other form of physical pain could be caused by the doubt you feel about a certain emotional situation you are now in. This could be the way in which the negative emotions that you have buried have chosen to reeassert must try to gain a clear idea of these emotions,along with the doubt that they are breeding within you,in order to dispel this source of tension completely.

My heart hurts or I am becoming too sensitive.
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You were right!! I just spoke to someone who went very quiet when I said someone had been talking about me behind my back
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459 if I may!

Love and light,

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mystic mal 
Sidhe-Ra 398


This number concerns the initial stages of a plan or project.You can hope to succeed only if you further clarify the needs and roles of each participant.Feel free to provoke a confrontation if necessary.Your future depends on it.
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mystic mal 
Angeldust 459


You will soon undergo an emotional upheaval leaving you deeply shaken.Because of the unstable nature of your frame of mind,you will experience a radical change in perspective. You will be forced to see things in a totally different light. Be careful not to let this interfere in the lives of others whose emotions are less volatile than yours.
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Originally Posted by mystic mal

You will soon be given the opportunity to improve other peoples lives.,perhaps even on a large scale.You might feel tired and dejected afterwards.Your Destiny is nevertheless a happy one.You will be imbued with extraordinary power and untiring energy.You must wait for the opportune moment to act.
Thank you so much Mystic Mal. I needed encouragement today, and this message is great! I will be writing this message somewhere that I can read it often.

Thank you so much for sharing your time and talent with us .

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