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right, the price is a horror. But sometimes you simply do not bargain...
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...and sometimes one must recognise skill over exuberant prices
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Magic Bean 

I have to get me one of these!
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Another 'me too!' & 'thanks for the links' style post...oh well
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Mystique, you are a baaaaaad person! I just spent $90 on a gorgeous leather bound journal from Italy & now I'm going to have to write in it faster so I can justify buying one of these little beauties!
Thanks for the info and I loved your book!
p.s. You're not really bad, I'm just covetous and poor! ;-)
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Jase's Books are amazing

I know I'm a bit late to all this, but I've just checked out Jase's Books and they are simply the most beautiful diaries / grimoires / book of shadows / tarot journals I've seen anywhere. As far as I can tell they're all hand made on request so you can have whatever size or design you want - have to get over my shyness and e-mail the guy!

Click here -

Some of the books I liked (really want the Celestial Dragon book):
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What a fantastic idea. They are wonderful . thans for sharing wg
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Im so getting one for my daughter when she becomes a teenager and needs to document all her daily activities like I used to when I was younger...oh I wish my mummy would have bought me one... simply much are they again??

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From what I can see online, these books are beautifully made and a credit to their maker. I used to teach Art and did a little bookmaking/binding but certainly nothing to compare with these. I can honestly say that for the work, materials, time, expertise, tools, imagination etc that has gone into the creation of each one they seem to be pretty cheap even at $100 or so!

If you fancy trying your hand at making your own book, there is quite a lot of information on the net, you don't really need a lot of specialist tools (ie, you can make do with a couple of bricks instead of a book press). this site gives some good information, simply use plain or ruled paper instead of photocopies or prints.,0,0,1,0,0 - some great information here too and a whole host of links here
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