Lunaria 2008 Day Journal...perfect to use with the Maat!

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Lunaria 2008 Day Journal...perfect to use with the Maat!

I was at our local co-op and came across this stunning day journal (the link also has the large wall calender)'s based on the 13 month lunar months and starts 9 December.

This day journal looks to be a wonderful help with learning, understanding and using the Maat. Besides all that, it is just gorgeous with artwork, quotes, tips, advice...all about attuning your life to the lunar cycle and what it can bring you. This book tells you basically everything you'd want to know day by day about what sign the Moon is in and how it affects your life. The moons rising and setting times, when the moon moves into each sign etc. And very clearly displayed is the exact phase of the moon everyday.

Vert glad I stumbled on this, quite a coiencidence eh? Just talking about this last night and a huge guide and help plopped in my lap!

This looks exactly what I was hoping for to help me find the key, which is I think just starting to live my life based on a lunar calender, rearranging my cycles and orientation, becoming immersed in this view. This day planner will help in a major way! I am thinking of getting the large wall calender too, the art is just gorgeous.

I thought others might be interested in my find
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