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Tarot Computer Programs

Does anyone use or have used any tarot computer programs? I'm thinking of trying Orphalese out because it says something about an unlimited trial, but I don't think I trust it as much as my Scapini Deck. Any thoughts about this?
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For my money - i.e. it's free - go for JTarot.

http://www.tarot.lazy8.nu/jnlp - use the link under to download


The beauty of this program is that it is written in Java and so will work on just about any system - Windows, MAC, Linux etc.

It has a number of different decks incorporated or you can add your own if you wish. You can create your own interpretations, record readings etc etc.

By default the zoom is set to 50% - use the Options menu to make the cards more visible.

in light

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Arcana XV 

Orphalese is awesome. I use it all the time to read for myself and others.

I was very skeptical at first on whether or not it would work for me as well as actual physical cards do, but I found that it made no difference whatsoever. The only difference is that you're not actually touching the cards; the program does all the shuffling and lays the cards out for you. You still have to interpret the spread yourself in the end. To me, whether the cards are "real" or not makes no difference, my intuition kicks anyway.

I highly recommend this program and if you can afford to upgrade to the full version, even better.

The only way to know if it will work for you is to try it out. For me, my readings are equally accurate either way.
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I have worked with the Orphalese Tarot for years now, and love it! It doesn't hurt to try it out. If I can use it .. without any techie skills whatsoever ... someone with a few skills could do awesome things! ;-)

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Orphalese=hands down the best Tarot software available.

No canned meanings, infinitely flexible and intuitive, slick interface for printing a reading as a document with embedded graphics, the whole program constantly being tweaked and improved. Orphalese allows me to carry my entire deck colleciton around on my laptop...

Registering the program for $30 is one of the best money I've ever spent.
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Originally Posted by Arcana XV
I was very skeptical at first on whether or not it would work for me as well as actual physical cards do, but I found that it made no difference whatsoever.
Who knows, maybe folk were just as sceptical about using those new-fangled mass-produced printed cards, as opposed to individually hand-painted artefacts.
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For those of you with newer Mac OS systems, there is a fun tarot widget that you can download from the Apple site under "Just for Fun" widgets. And it's free! I just got it last night and it's not bad at all!
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For OS-X, there are two widgets that have been available for some time, both rather simple widgets with little use.
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Orphalese is great. I have it on my laptop that I take with me whenever I travel -- this way I don't have to pack a deck, and I can read whenever I want -- or just study the cards.

Well worth registering it for $30 -- and then getting to choose among some of the other decks they have available.

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I like Orphalese. When I get paid, I'll upgrade to the full version. It's only 10,- for those in the UK, I just have to remember to actually do it!
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